Product Categories

Classification by Main Fields of Application

Chl Fluorescence & P700 Absorbance

A wide spectrum of PAM chlorophyll fluorometers is available for non-intrusive assessment of photosynthesis from single cells to whole leaves. All of these instruments employ the so-called “Pulse-Amplitude-Modulation” (PAM) measuring principle, which is unique in providing a selective measure of the relative chlorophyll fluorescence quantum yield. With the help of the “Saturation Pulse Method”, the quantum yield of photosynthetic energy conversion is derived.

Gas Exchange

The Heinz Walz GmbH has been pioneering gas exchange measuring systems and related products for more than 40 years. Our gas exchange instruments are equipped with high-resolution four-channel CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzers developed specifically for photosynthesis research. The parameters CO2, humidity, temperature and light can be controlled automatically within the physiological relevant ranges.


Light Measurement

For photosynthesis research special sensors are required, which determine light with specific spectral and directional properties in measuring units relevant for plants. We offer sensors, which measure the photon flux density or photon fluence rate of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Cosine-corrected planar sensors are recommended for leaves, and spherical sensors are recommended for algae. Also, a fast data logger with a large dynamic range is provided.

Custom-Made Solutions

In our area of expertise, we also produce research devices according to customer requirements. These devices range from complete setups for gas-exchange measurements to small accessories. For example, highly accurate humidity control and gas mixing units, as well as special measuring heads for long-term observation of lichens with the MONITORING-PAM have been produced on customer’s request.