Stirring Device WATER-S

Miniature stirring device (battery powered) that can be mounted on top of the PHYTO-PAM-II COMPACT version. It is equipped with disposable perspex stirring paddles. A potentiometer allows the adjustment of the stirring rate. The part is shipped with a set of ten Stirring Paddles WATER-R.

Stirring Paddles WATER-R

Spare stirring paddles (10 pieces) for the Miniature Stirring Device WATER-S. Already included in the WATER-S scope of delivery.

Quartz Glass Cuvette WATER-K

15 mm diameter round quartz glass cuvette for the PHYTO-PAM-II COMPACT version. (Two cuvettes are part of the purchased parts package of PHYTO-PAM-II COMPACT version.)