Fiberoptics PAM-Fluorometer 3050-F

The long lasting experience in PAM fluorometry of Heinz Walz GmbH
is embedded in the PAM fluorometers 3056-FL and 3050-F.

To analyze fluorescence in ambient light, the Fiberoptics PAM-Fluorometer 3050-F can be attached to the Standard Measuring Head 3010-S. It employs a blue LED for measuring light and the saturating light pulses, and also features far-red illumination for Fo’ determination.

Fiberoptics PAM-Fluorometer 3050-F can be directly operated with the GFS-3000 in the field.


Accessory: Dark Leaf Clips 3010-DLC

For the determination of the maximum fluorescence signal (Fm), the leaf needs to be dark acclimated. The additional light-weight Dark Leaf Clips 3010-DLC, with positioning aid and sliding shutters, made from sun reflecting material, fit to the measuring area of the 3010-S.