General Features

KF-18/2B and KF-24/6B


Due to its powerful Peltier coolers, the cold traps may achieve temperature differences of more than 30 K, with respect to ambient temperature.

The Cold Trap KF-24/6B may be operated with a liquid cooling cycle for even larger temperature gradients. Additionally to the large range, the dewpoint setting is very accurate (0.1 °C).

Cold Traps have one gas path. The functional difference between the versions lies in the maximal flow rate. Cold Trap KF-18/2B has a maximal flow rate of 6 l/min, and Cold Trap KF-24/6B a maximal flow rate of 25 l/min.

If lower temperature gradients are required, slightly higher flow rates can be used. In return, if lower flow rates are used, higher temperature gradients may be achieved.