Measuring Gas Cooler

The Measuring Gas Cooler MGK-1B is designed for the protection of humidity sensitive measuring devices. It is equipped with two pneumatically separate gas pathways, in which the dewpoint is controlled.

For this purpose, both gas streams are directed through the measuring gas cooler and cooled down to the set temperature.

If the dewpoint of the inflowing gas is above the set temperature value, the excessive water vapor condenses and each outstreaming gas has the same reduced dew point, corresponding to the set temperature value.

The cooling inside the measuring gas cooler is performed with Peltier coolers regulated by a temperature controller. The condensate accumulates in a hose and may be let off from time to time.

General Features MGK-1B

The Peltier elements of the measuring gas cooler is very powerful achieving a temperature difference of more than 30 °C, with respect to the ambient temperature.

Additionally, the dewpoint setting is very accurate (0.15 °C). Measuring gas coolers have two gas pathways, and may be integrated into existing pneumatic structures.