Downloads for DIVING-PAM-II

Software WinControl V3.35

PC software WinControl V3.35 (Windows 10, 11) EXE-File (11.3 MB)

Version 3.33 and higher is compatible with all first-generation fluorometers originally operated with WinControl-2 software.

Sample data for WinControl-3, ZIP-File (0.1 MB). To view sample data, install WinControl-3, unzip data and double-click on file ICandLCsample.pam

Manual & Documentation

Instruction manual for DIVING-PAM-II
PDF-File (5.9 MB)

Instruction manual for oxygen measurements
PDF-File (1 MB)

Instruction manual for Battery Holder #2
PDF-File (0.5 MB)

PDF-File (1 MB)

DIVING-PAM (Predecessor Model)

Instruction manual for DIVING-PAM
PDF-File (1.1 MB)

PC software WinControl V2.08 (Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 32-bit) EXE-File (1.5 MB)
DIVING-PAM requires instrument (EPROM) software version 2.00 or higher. The DIVING-PAM can be operated by 64 bit versions of Windows using Software WinControl V3.25 or newer

Instruction manual for WinControl V2.08:
PDF-File (560 kB)

List of abbreviation used by WinControl V2.08 to describe instrument settings. PDF-File (40 kB)

Software tool to retrieve data from DIVING-PAM memory.
Applicable when data download by WinControl software fails.
For memory with a capacity of 4000 data sets.
ZIP-File (1 MB)

Shipping the DIVING-PAM-II

Some DIVING-PAM-II fluorometers (up to S/N UWFD0110) contain a lithium manganese oxide battery requiring the following safety measures for shipping:

Discharge battery to 30%. Use original DIVING-PAM-II/T transport case for shipping

Download from Walz website the testing protocol for the DIVING-PAM-II battery. Print entire protocol (6 pages) and enclose it in transport case

Visibly label transport case with lithium battery label