Accessories for DUAL-KLAS-NIR

Accessories for leaf measurements

DUAL-PAM-100 Gas-Exchange Cuvette (3010-DUAL)

The DUAL-KLAS-NIR optics are compatible with the 3010-DUAL cuvette that can be used to make measurements in combination with the GFS-3000 gas exchange measuring system. This makes it possible to make parallel measurements of Chl a fluorescence, PC, P700 and Fd redox changes and gas exchange. The cuvette also allows control of the gas composition and temperature.

US-MQS/WB Cosine Corrected Mini Quantum Sensor

The Cosine Corrected Mini Quantum Sensor MQS-B can be connected to the DKN-C control unit and can be used for the determination of PAR-lists (lists of light intensities determined for different measuring and actinic light settings).

Accessories for suspension measurements

Optical Unit ED-101US/MD

For measurements with suspensions using 10 x 10 mm fluorescence cuvettes, we provide a black aluminum unit (ED-101US/MD). The unit holds the fluorescence cuvette in its center and has four light ports to connect standard measuring heads of the DUAL-KLAS-NIR. A two part black cover of the cuvette compartment with syringe port is provided.

Accessory for Low-Drift Absorbance Measurements DUAL-K25

The DUAL-K25 quartz glass cuvette employs a vertical optical pathway and thereby reduces baseline drift caused by particle settling in suspensions of isolated chloroplasts, unicellular algae and cyanobacteria. The cuvette is integrated in the leaf measurement configuration of the DUAL-KLAS-NIR. Stirring is in this configuration not possible and also not necessary.

Miniature Magnetic Stirrer PHYTO-MS

Settling of particles is prevented by using a miniature magnetic stirrer (US-MS). The stirrer is mounted directly beneath the sample cuvette. A rotating magnetic field created by the stirrer tip drives the rotation of a miniature magnetic stir bar in the cuvette. The stirrer is connected to the DUAL-KLAS-NIR control unit (DKN-C). Stirring can be switched on and off by the KLAS-100 software.

Micro Quantum Sensor US-SQS/WB

Exact light measurements in suspensions (but also in air) can be carried out by the spherical micro quantum sensor (US-SQS/WB). The sensor has a small – 3.7 mm diameter – sphere as the entrance optics, which senses the light. When the sensor is connected to the DUAL-KLAS-NIR control unit (DKN-C) light intensity data will be acquired and processed by the KLAS-100 software. The sensor is ideal for the measurement of PAR-lists (lists of light intensities determined for different measuring and actinic light settings).

Temperature Control Unit US-T

The US-T unit consists of a heat-transfer head with a cooling/heating Peltier element, and a separate power-and-control unit. The heat-transfer head is mounted on top of a Walz optical unit (ED-101US/MD) so that the tip of the rod is in touch with the suspension being investigated. The maximum temperature difference relative to the ambient temperature is -12 K and +15 K, respectively.

Temperature Control Block ED-101US/T

For measurements under constant, defined, temperatures, a temperature control block (ED-101US/T) can be mounted on the optical unit (ED-101US/MD). The block consists of an inner flow-through metal part, which is slightly pressed on the sample cuvette by a spring mechanism, and an external foam part for temperature insulation. Temperature control is achieved by an external flow-through water bath (not included) connected to the temperature block.