Specifications for DUAL-KLAS-NIR

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Power-and-Control-Unit DKN-C

General design: Microcontroller: 4 x AVR-RISC (8 MHz) + 4 MB SRAM; 256 000 data points with 12 bit resolution can be stored

Communication: PC interface: USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 compatible

User interface: Windows computer (Windows 7/8/10) with KLAS-100 software

Power supply: Rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery 12 V/2 Ah; Battery Charger MINI-PAM/L (100 to 240 V AC)

Power consumption: During basic operation 350 mA

Sockets: 6 ports for heads (power for single wavelength (2 channels) and double wavelength (4 channels) modulated measuring light, power for 2 actinic LED arrays (one in DKN-E and one in DKN-D) and 1 NIR measuring light LED array (in DKN-E), input for 2 detectors (the photodiode detector of DKN-D is connected to detector 1), socket for stirrer (plus speed controller and standby switch), AUX (for Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor US-SQS/WB or Cosine-Corrected Mini Quantum Sensor US-MQS/WB), USB (for USB cable), TRIGGER OUT (output of 5 V rectangular signals to trigger external devices), 2 EXT. SIGNALS (input for external DC signals. Range 0-1 V or 0-5 V), and CHARGE (for MINI-PAM/L charger).

Dimensions: 36 cm x 16 cm x 26.5 cm (W x H x D), with carrying handle

Weight: 5.8 kg

Emitter unit DKN-E

Measuring light: Chip-On-Board LED array for pulse-modulated 780, 820, 840, 870 and 965 nm NIR measuring light, pulse modulated green, fluorescence measuring light (540 nm).

Actinic light: Chip-On-Board LED array (635 nm) for continuous red actinic illumination (max. ~3400 µmol photons m-2 s-1 PAR), which can also be used for single turn over flashes (max. >28000 µmol photons m-2 s-1 PAR, length 5-50 µs), and multiple turnover pulses (MT and SP) (max. 25000 µmol photons m-2 s-1 PAR, length 1-1000 ms).

Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm (W x H x D)

Weight: 560 g (incl. cables, 1.4 m long)

Detector unit DKN-D

Measuring light: pulse modulated blue fluorescence measuring light (460 nm).

Actinic light: Blue light (460 nm) for continuous blue illumination (max. ~400 µmol m-2 s-1 PAR), Chip-On-Board LED array (635 nm) for continuous red illumination (max. ~3400 µmol m-2 s-1 PAR), which can also be used for saturating single turnover flashes (max. >28000 µmol m-2 s-1 PAR, length 5-50 µs), and multiple turnover pulses (MT and SP) (max. 25000 µmol photons m-2 s-1 PAR, length 1-1000 ms), far-red light (740 nm) for continuous far-red illumination (max. 400 µmol photons m-2 s-1).

Signal detection: Photodiode and pulse preamplifier to measure four dual wavelength NIR-transmission difference signals (780-820, 820-870, 870-965 and 840-965 nm) and two fluorescence signals. Time resolution of a single channel measurement is 35 µs, of a two channel measurement is 150 µs and of a 6 channel measurement is 1 ms. The same detector (protected by the same set of filters) is used for fluorescence and NIR transmission measurements. The filter set passes wavelengths > 750 nm.

Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm (W x H x D)

Weight: 540 g (including cables, 1.4 m long)

Transport Box DKN-T

Design: Aluminum box with custom foam packing for DUAL-KLAS-NIR and accessories

Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm x 34 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 5 kg

Linear Positioning System 3010-DUAL/B

Design: Consisting of black anodized aluminum baseplate with gear rack on which one measuring head holder is mounted on a movable stage which can be precisely positioned along the gear rack by a lateral adjustment knob. Includes a 13 cm lab stand rod, which can be fixed (screwed) to the bottom of the baseplate, and a 3 mm Allen wrench

Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 12 cm (L x W x H, max. without lab stand rod)

Weight: 1050 g

DUAL-PAM-100 Gas-Exchange Cuvette 3010-DUAL

Design: Cuvette consisting of a sandwich of two 2 x 2 cm aluminum frames, each holding the end part of a Walz standard Perspex rod to connect various measuring heads of the DUAL-KLAS-NIR. Sealing material between frames and leaf: silicon foam gasket. Distance between Perspex rod and leaf: ca. 1 mm on each leaf side. Pneumatically separated upper and lower cuvette halves, controlled by a regulator unit with sockets for cable connections to the 3000 C control unit of the GFS-3000. Leaf area examined: 1.3 cm2. Leaf temperature measurement: thermocouple, range -10 to +50 °C, accuracy ±0.2 °C. External cosine-corrected Micro Quantum Sensor MQS/A for PAR measurements ranging from 0 to 2500 µmol m-2 s-1, accuracy ±5%

Operating temperature: -5 to +45 °C

Dimensions: Assembled cuvette: 10 cm x 4 cm x 12 cm (L x W x H), electronic box: 7 cm x 7 cm x 15 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: Cuvette, regulator unit, cables, and mounting frame: 1.7 kg; mounting stand ST-101: 2 kg

Optical Unit for Suspensions ED-101US/MD

Design: Black-anodized aluminum body with central 10 x 10 mm standard glass cuvette; for attachment of Emitter Unit DKN-E, Detector Unit DKN-D and Miniature Magnetic Stirrer PHYTO-MS; additional ports for attachment of two additional Emitter or Detector Units.

Weight: 750 g

Accessories for ED-101US/MD

Temperature Control Block ED-101US/T: Sectioned block with central 10 x 10 mm opening to be mounted on top of the ED-101US/MD unit; to be connected to external flow-through water bath (not included), weight 250 g

Miniature Magnetic Stirrer PHYTO-MS: Based on device manufactured by h+p (type Variomag-Mini); featuring adapter to be mounted in bottom port of the Optical Unit ED-101US/MD; powered and controlled by the Power-and-Control-Unit DKN-C

Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor US-SQS/WB: 3.7 mm ø diffusing sphere coupled to integrated PAR sensor via 2 mm diameter fiber; compact amplifier unit and special holder for mounting on Optical Unit ED-101US/MD; to be connected to the Power-and-Control Unit DKN-C

Power-and-Control Unit US-T/DR

Display: Three line LCD display

Control range: 0 °C to 50 °C at 0.1 K steps

Operating voltage: 11 V – 14 V DC

Maximum Peltier current: 1 A

Size: 105 mm x 90 mm x 130 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 0.57 kg

Peltier Heat-Transfer Head US-T/DS

Achievable temperatures: 12 K below ambient temperature, 15 K above ambient temperature (Quartz cuvette placed in Optical Unit for Suspensions ED-101US/MD with 1.5 mL water and stirrer PHYTO-MS on)

Size: ø 55 mm, 110 mm height

Cable length: 130 cm

Weight: 0.29 kg (including cable)

AC Adapter

Input: 100 V – 240 V AC, 1.5 A 50-60 Hz

Output: 12 V DC, 5.5 A

Size: 130 mm x 56 mm x 30 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.50 kg (including cable)

Cuvette for Low-Drift Absorbance Measurements DUAL-K25

Design: Quartz glass cuvette, cross section: 10 mm x 10 mm, external dimensions: 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 26 mm (L x W x H). Special cuvette holder to position the cuvette between the Detector and Emitter Units DKN-D and DKN-E of the DUAL-KLAS-NIR. U-shaped black-anodized aluminum shields to screen out external light. Three sealing gaskets to protect lower measuring head from spills.