Accessories for FIBER Version DUAL-PAM-100

Leaf Positioning Setup DUAL-BA

The DUAL-BA has been designed to easily and quickly position the fiber optics of a PAM fluorometer on attached leaves. The accessory is compatible with the DUAL-PAM/F, MINI-PAM-II and PAM-2500 fluorometers. It includes a duct with laterally mounted neodymium magnet and a screw to lock the fiber optics tip. An angle bracket made of a spring steel strip positions the leaf in front of the fiber optics, whereby the steel strip is held by the magnet of the duct. The DUAL-BA includes a fiber optics guide with metal rod to mount the guide on a stand.

Suspension Cuvette KS-2500

The suspension cuvette includes a 400 μl sample compartment made of stainless steel with PVC exterior. The cuvette is equipped with a 7 mm fiberoptics window adapter, an injection port for Hamilton syringes, and nozzles for connecting an external flow-through water-bath for temperature control.

Magnetic Stirrer with Fiberoptics Holder MKS-2500

The device is equipped with a specially modified stirrer plate to center and hold the KS-2500 Suspension Cuvette. The MKS-2500 Magnetic Stirrer comes with a Perspex base plate with stand bar for mounting fiberoptics on top of cuvette.