Control Computer IMAG-HEX/PC

The particularly powerful NUC Mini-PC from Intel works very quietly and energy-efficiently.
Due to its small design, it can be ideally combined with the HEXAGON IMAGING PAM.
It provides a fast Ethernet interface, HDMI and USB ports, where a Thunderbolt 4 interface has also been installed.
Please ask for the current specifications.

Plant Pot Holder IMAG-HEX/PH

The optional accessory IMAG-HEX/PH consists of two 2 flowerpot holders and a positioning frame that is has to be mounted inside the HEXAGON-IMAGING-PAM measuring chamber. The flowerpot holder tray is also available for rectangular pots (7 x 7 cm).
The round version can accommodate 9 pots with the diameter of 6 cm the rectangular version carries 6 plants.
The IMAG-HEX/PH can stay in place while the normal bottom plate is in use and inserted.

Universal Light Meter ULM-500

Universal Light Meter & Data logger for light calibration of the internal light list of the 3D Version. A compatible PAR sensor like the LS-C is needed

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Mini Quantum PAR Sensor LS-C

The LS-C cosine-corrected PAR sensor is a recommended accessory for light calibration purposes for HEXAGON-IMAGING-PAM, other PAM instruments and stand-alone PAR measurements together with ULM-500 light meter.

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