Control Computer IMAG-HEX/PC

The particularly powerful NUC Mini-PC from Intel works very quietly and energy-efficiently.
Due to its small design, it can be ideally combined with the HEXAGON IMAGING PAM.
It provides a fast Ethernet interface, HDMI and USB ports, where a Thunderbolt 4 interface has also been installed.
Please ask for the current specifications.

Plant Pot Holder IMAG-HEX/PH

The optional accessory IMAG-HEX/PH consists of two 2 flowerpot holders and a positioning frame that is has to be mounted inside the HEXAGON-IMAGING-PAM measuring chamber. The flowerpot holder tray is also available for rectangular pots (7 x 7 cm).
The round version can accommodate 9 pots with the diameter of 6 cm the rectangular version carries 6 plants.
The IMAG-HEX/PH can stay in place while the normal bottom plate is in use and inserted.

Filter Plate IMAG-HEX/F

The IMAG-HEX/F filter plate is recommended for measurements on specimens with reflective surfaces or under transparent covers.
The glass filters used suppress the background radiation from the blue excitation LEDs.
The article consists of a carrier plate with individual blue-green filters in front of each of the 78 blue excitation LEDs and a further 24 far-red filters in front of one of the two far-red LED circuits.
Please note: Article IMAG-HEX/F is fixed, this can only be done in the factory.

Universal Light Meter ULM-500

Universal Light Meter & Data logger for light calibration of the internal light list of the 3D Version. A compatible PAR sensor like the LS-C is needed

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Mini Quantum PAR Sensor LS-C

The LS-C cosine-corrected PAR sensor is a recommended accessory for light calibration purposes for HEXAGON-IMAGING-PAM, other PAM instruments and stand-alone PAR measurements together with ULM-500 light meter.

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