Accessories for 3D Version IMAGING-PAM

Calibration Pattern Set

Replacement for the supplied calibration target set (includes two alumina plates with printed calibration pattern - large and small for calibration and fusion)

Spare Battery Set (000160101441)

The lithium-ion battery replacement and mounting kit comes with mounted plug and manual for the exchange.

Please note that lithium-ion batteries can only be shipped abroad under increased safety precautions.

In our Battery table you will find further sources of supply and information.


Universal Light Meter & Data logger for light calibration of the internal light list of the 3D Version. A compatible PAR sensor like the LS-C is needed

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Mini Quantum Sensor LS-C

The Mini Quantum PAR Sensor LS-C is a miniaturized, flat sensor that can be placed close to leaves in small spaces, for example within cuvettes. The LS-C measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). The sensor is well suited for light incident perpendicular to the surface between -30° and + 30°.