Manual & Documentation

Instruction manual for IMAGING-PAM M-Series
PDF-File (4.7 MB)

Brochure IMAGING-PAM M-Series
PDF-File (1.1 MB)

Software ImagingWinGigE V2.47+

PC software ImagingWinGigE V2.47+ (Windows 7, 8, 10) EXE-File (6.45 MB)

Note: Software ImagingWinGigE V2.45i for CCD‐cameras with high speed GigE Vision connection only (IMAG-K6 and IMAG-K7)

PAM Application Notes (PAN)

Relevant PAN E-Journals for IMAGING-PAM M-Series

PAN (2008) 1: 19 - 20, PDF-File (280 kB)

PAN (2008) 1: 15 - 18, PDF-File (630 kB)

Software ImagingWin V2.41a

PC software ImagingWin V2.41a (Windows 7, 8, 10) EXE-File (4.3 MB)

Note: Software ImagingWin V2.41a is only suitable for FireWire cameras IMAG-K1 – K5.

Demo Data Files

After installation of the ImagingWin software on your PC you can learn more about the user surface and options of the IMAGING-PAM and its control software by opening various original data files (.pim) we provided for download below.

botrytis_ic.pim (5.3 MB) and corresponding pdf-document botrytis_ic.pdf (35 kB). Standard dark-light induction curve of botrytis infected tomato leaf.

botrytis_lc.pim (5.4 MB) and corresponding pdf-document botrytis_lc.pdf (35 kB). Standard light-response curve of botrytis infected tomato leaf.

endosym.pim (8.1 MB) and corresponding pdf-document endosym.pdf (35 kB). Demonstration of fluorescence imaging of endosymbiotic algae in moving invertebrates.

flatworm.pim (6.4 MB) and corresponding pdf-document flatworm.pdf (35 kB). Light-response curve of endosymbiotic algae living within flatworms.

laser05a.pim (17.3 MB) and corresponding pdf-document laser05a.pdf (35 kB). Propagation of heat-stress signal induced by laser pulse.

needles_ic.pim (4.6 MB) and corresponding pdf-document needles_ic.pdf (35 kB). Comparison of induction curves of 1 year and 3 year old Taxus leaves.