Software ImagingWinGigE V2.56zn

PC software ImagingWinGigE V2.56zn (Windows 10 and higher - only 64 bit systems) EXE-File (45.8 MB)

Important notice:
to use this software version it is necessary to have a central control unit IMAG-CG with a S/N from IKEC0342B on or alternatively an updated version with EEPROM version 3.x

Instruments with S/N IKEC0342 or higher are also bundled with their LED arrays (sticker on units). Central control units and imaging heads MUST NOT be interchanged with other systems.

For finding out how your system can be updated, please inquire under

Software ImagingWinGigE V2.47+

PC software ImagingWin V2.47+ (Windows 7, 8)
EXE-File (6.45 MB)

Note: Software ImagingWinGigE V2.47+ for CCD-cameras with high speed GigE Vision connection only (IMAG-K6 an IMAG-K7)

Software ImagingWin V2.41a

PC software ImagingWin V2.41a (Windows 7, 8)
EXE-File (4.3 MB)

Note: Software ImagingWin V2.41a is only suitable for FireWire cameras IMAG-K1 – K5.

Manual & Documentation

Instruction manual for IMAGING-PAM M-Series
PDF-File (6.8 MB)

Instructions for battery change
PDF-File (0.4 MB)

Brochure IMAGING-PAM M-Series
PDF-File (1.1 MB)

PAM Application Notes (PAN)

Relevant PAN E-Journals for IMAGING-PAM M-Series

PAN (2008) 1: 19 - 20, PDF-File (280 kB)

PAN (2008) 1: 15 - 18, PDF-File (630 kB)

Demo Data Files

After installation of the ImagingWin software on your PC you can learn more about the user surface and options of the IMAGING-PAM and its control software by opening various original data files (.pim) we provided for download below. (5.5 MB) and corresponding pdf-document botrytis_ic.pdf (35 kB). Standard dark-light induction curve of botrytis infected tomato leaf. (5.7 MB) and corresponding pdf-document botrytis_lc.pdf (35 kB). Standard light-response curve of botrytis infected tomato leaf. (8.5 MB) and corresponding pdf-document endosym.pdf (35 kB). Demonstration of fluorescence imaging of endosymbiotic algae in moving invertebrates. (6.8 MB) and corresponding pdf-document flatworm.pdf (35 kB). Light-response curve of endosymbiotic algae living within flatworms. (18.2 MB) and corresponding pdf-document laser05a.pdf (35 kB). Propagation of heat-stress signal induced by laser pulse. (4.8 MB) and corresponding pdf-document needles_ic.pdf (35 kB). Comparison of induction curves of 1 year and 3 year old Taxus leaves.