Downloads for JUNIOR-PAM

Software WinControl V3.36

PC software WinControl V3.36 (Windows 10, 11) EXE-File (11.3 MB)

Version 3.33 and higher is compatible with all first-generation fluorometers originally operated with WinControl-2 software.

Sample data for PC software WinControl-3
ZIP-File (800 kB)

Manual & Documentation

Instruction manual for JUNIOR-PAM
PDF-File (3.8 MB)

Instruction manual for PAR measurements of thin fiberoptics
PDF-File (656 KB)

Walz PAM Tutorial: Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthesis: Simple Experiments with the JUNIOR-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer.
PDF-File (4.9 MB)

PDF-File (660 KB)