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The LEAF-STATE-ANALYZER LSA-2050 is a handheld device for non-invasive leaf analysis. The device analyses three areas that are related to the state of health of the plant: (1) the extent of protection from ultraviolet and strong visible radiation, (2) the chlorophyll concentration, and (3) the maximum photochemical quantum yield of photosystem II, FV/FM. In summary, the LEAF-STATE-ANALYZER LSA-2050 provides a picture of stress effects and a plant's ability to cope with stress.

Outstanding Properties of the LEAF-STATE-ANALYZER

  • Measures protection against the particularly harmful UV-B radiation
  • Probes screening at four wavebands: UV-B, UV-A, blue, and green
  • Provides the stress factors chlorophyll content and photosystem II damage


The LEAF-STATE-ANALYZER LSA-2050 measures radiation screening by the efficiency of fluorescence excitation. The four different excitation wavebands used can be assigned to four pigment groups: UV-B and UV-A to hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoids, respectively [1], blue to carotenoids [2], and green to anthocyanins [3]. Absorbance values indicating relative flavonoid and anthocyanin concentration are provided.

Chlorophyll concentration is measured by the Cerovic method [4]. The method excels by high response even at high chlorophyll concentrations. Photosystem II is analyzed by the well-proven PAM fluorescence/saturation pulse method [5]. With each measurement, GPS data, leaf orientation, and the direction of sun radiation are logged.

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