Accessories for MICRO-PAM

Flexible Ball Joint Mount for MICRO-PAM Measuring Head MICRO-HEAD/SG

Flexible and robust holder for MICRO-PAM measuring heads. Suitable for outdoor use, consisting of two double ball arm segments and two ball end pieces.

Four-Way Distributor MICRO-HUB

Input port expander when more than 7 MICRO-PAM measuring heads are to be connected to a MONI-DA data acquisition system. The maximum number of measuring heads per MONI-DA is 16 corresponding to 12 heads connected via MICRO-HUB and 4 directly connected heads.


In the presence of WiFi network coverage, the WiFi modem transfers MONI-DA data via internet and a special Walz server to your computer. When WiFi is not available but cellular network coverage is present, the WiFi modem can be connected to the Walz data server using a mobile hotspot.

Satellite Modem

In the absence of coverage by a mobile phone net, a satellite modem can be used for wireless communication. Data sent from satellite modems are received by a Walz server and provided online to the user.