STAND-ALONE Configuration of MICRO-PAM

The STAND-ALONE configuration comprises the data acquisition system MONI-DA which permits battery-powered operation of the MICRO-PAM system. The STAND-ALONE configuration includes solar panels allowing data acquisition for very long periods of time independent of line power. An optional modem sends live data to a dedicated server for download by the user.

The Four-Way Distributor MICRO-HUB connects 4 measuring heads MICRO-HEAD/3B to a single port of the MONI-DA. The maximum number of measuring heads MICRO-HEAD/3B per MONI-DA is 16. As the MONI-DA has 7 input ports, the number of 16 is achieved using 3 MICRO-HUB interfaces each connecting 4 measuring heads to the MONI-DA, and linking directly another 4 measuring heads to the MONI-DA.