WinControl-3 Software for MICRO-PAM

General Features and Graphical User Interface

The WinControl-3 is a very versatile software dedicated to operate a certain class of Walz PAM fluorometers. The software executes classical experimental routines like fluorescence induction and light response curves, but also acquires and graphically display data.

WinControl-3 not only operates the MICRO-PAM but also the DIVING-PAM-II, JUNIOR-PAM, MINI-PAM-II, and MONITORING-PAM fluorometers, as well as PAM-CONTROL operated instruments (MICROSCOPY-PAM, MICROFIBER-PAM and WATER-PAM) and the Universal Light Meter ULM-500.

Data Evaluation

Saturating pulse analysis with automatic detection of fluorescence levels F0, FM, F, and FM’. Calculation of F0’ level fluorescence and of standard fluorescence parameters. Specifically, photochemical yield of photosystem II, FV/FM and Y(II), photochemical quenching, qP and qL, non-photochemical quenching, qN, NPQ, Y(NPQ), and Y(NO), and electron transport rate, ETR.

Advanced Features

All experimental protocols can be performed automatically using the batch file feature of WinControl-3. Convenient programming of experiments using the built-in macro recorder. The software is capable of DDE communication with peripheral machines.

Automated Routines

Repetitive triggering of fluorometer functions (e. g., dark-light induction and dark recovery curves) by adjustable clock. Automatic execution of light exposure protocols and fitting of two different model functions to data of light response experiments.

Data Export

Export of original fluorescence traces, saturating pulse analysis data and parameter estimates of light response curves as semicolon- or tab-separated data.