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Date: February 7, 2024

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Keywords: (Walz OR Waltz) Effeltrich.
Date: February 7, 2024.

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Selected Publications for MICROFIBER-PAM


Lichtenberg M, Larkum AWD, Kühl M: Photosynthetic acclimation of Symbiodinium in hospite depends on vertical position in the tissue of the scleractinian coral Montastrea curta

Frontiers in Microbiology 7: 230 (

Terashima I, Ooeda H, Fujita T, Oguchi R: Light environment within a leaf. II. Progress in the past one-third century.

Journal of Plant Research 129: 353–363 (


Lichtenberg M, Kühl M: Pronounced gradients of light, photosynthesis and O2 consumption in the tissue of the brown alga Fucus serratus

New Phytologist 207: 559-569 (


Oguchi R, Douwstra P, Fujita T, Chow WS, Terashima I: Gradients of photoinhibition in the interior of a leaf induced by photoinhibition lights of different colors

Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future. Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (


Oguchi R, Douwstra P, Fujita T, Chow WS, Terashima I: Intra-leaf gradients of photoinhibition induced by different color lights: implications for the dual mechanisms of photoinhibition and for the application of conventional chlorophyll fluorometers

New Phytologist 191: 146-159 (


Terashima I, Fujita T, Inoue T, Chow WS, Oguchi R: Green light drives leaf photosynthesis more efficiently than red light in strong white light: revisiting the enigmatic question of why leaves are green

Plant and Cell Physiology 50: 684-697 (


Ralph PJ, Larkum AWD, Kühl M: Photobiology of endolithic microorganisms in living coral skeletons: 1. Pigmentation, spectral reflectance and variable chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of endoliths in the massive corals Cyphastrea serailia, Porites lutea and Goniastrea australensis

Marine Biology 152: 395–404 ( .pdf)

Ulstrup KE, van Oppen MJH, Kühl M, Ralph PJ: Inter-polyp genetic and physiological characterisation of Symbiodinium in an Acropora valida colony

Marine Biology 153: 225–234 ( .pdf)


Ulstrup KE, Ralph PJ, Larkum AWD, Kühl M: Intra-colonial variability in light acclimation of zooxanthellae in coral tissues of Pocillopora damicornis

Marine Biology 149: 1325–1335 ( .pdf)


Ralph PJ, Gademann R, Larkum AWD, Kühl M: Spatial heterogeneity in active chlorophyll fluorescence and PSII activity of coral tissues

Marine Biology 141: 639–646 ( .pdf)

Ralph PJ, Short FT: Impact of the wasting disease pathogen, Labyrinthula zosterae, on the photobiology of eelgrass Zostera marina

Marine Ecology Progress Series 226: 265–271 ( .pdf)


Kühl M, Fenchel T: Bio-optical characteristics and the vertical distribution of photosynthetic pigments and photosynthesis in an artificial cyanobacterial mat

Microbial Ecology 40: 94-103 (


Schreiber U, Kühl M, Klimant I, Reising H: Measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence within leaves using a modified PAM fluorometer with a fiber-optic microprobe.

Photosynthesis Research 47: 103-109 ( .pdf)