The MINI-PAMII/POROMETER is a new leaf-clip for the MINI-PAM-II for combined measurements of stomatal conductance and chlorophyll a fluorescence. It measures water evaporation and stomatal conductance of plant leaves and needles to determine stomatal function, which is strongly influenced by stress factors acting on the plant.

This new device is a powerful tool for rapid screenings, high-throughput stress evaluations, or detailed plant analysis with well-established protocols like induction-curves or light-curves. Being lightweight and compact, the device is ideally suited for research from the field to the laboratories. With the built in GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magneto scope sensor the porometer adds geospatial information including angle of incidence of sun radiation and the leaf angle.

Outstanding properties of MINI-PAM-II/POROMETER:

  • Numerous sensors: humidity sensors, leaf-temperature sensor, pressure sensors, flow sensors, PAR-sensor, GPS receiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, magneto scope, ambient CO2-sensor
  • Very silent pump
  • Pressure of closing mechanism is adjustable
  • Dark shield for easy determination FV/FM and measurements with controlled actinic light intensities

The porometer delivers its data every second. The typical length of a measurement will vary depending on conditions such as flow rate and sample. At a standard flow rate of 100 µmol s-1 and an expected stomatal conductance of 100 mmol m-2 s-1 the average measurement duration is less than 15 seconds. The included automatic stability determination is particularly useful for single field measurements. Simply press the button, wait for the data to meet the stability criteria, and the measurement is automatically executed. An acoustic signal can be included, if desired.