Accessories for MINI-PAM-II: O₂ + Fluorescence Configuration

The oxygen package for MINI-PAM-II fluorometers adds the capability to measure photosynthetic oxygen evolution to the MINI-PAM-II fluorometer. The oxygen package consists of the FSO2-1 oxygen meter and oxygen sensor, plus the FSO2-AK interface. Oxygen and fluorescence data are acquired in parallel by the MINI-PAM-II fluorometer or, when connected to a computer, by the WinControl-3 software.

The current configuration permits combined oxygen and fluorescence measurements with suspensions. The complete setup for suspensions requires the cuvette KS-2500 which provides ports for the oxygen sensor and the MINI-PAM-II fiberoptics. In addition, the MKS 2500 stirrer ensures effective mixing during measurements.

The oxygen-responsive element of the oxygen sensor is a luminescent dye whose light emission is quenched by oxygen. We have chosen this technology because of its long term stability of calibration. Also, the method does not consume oxygen during measurements which minimizes baseline drifts.


Setup for simultaneous chlorophyll and oxygen measurements. The oxygen sensing part of the system (FSO2-1) consists of a FireStingO2 oxygen meter and an optical oxygen sensor. The oxygen meter is connected by an interface (FSO2-AK) to the MINI-PAM-II. The MINI-PAM-II fiberoptics and the oxygen sensor are inserted in a KS-2500 Suspension Cuvette which is placed on a MKS-2500 Magnetic Stirrer with Fiberoptics Holder.