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Date: October 7, 2021

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Date: October 7, 2021.

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Selected Publications for MINI-PAM-II and MINI-PAM


Kang EJ, Kim J-H: Development of an efficiency criterion for the removal of pest organisms (ulvoid green algae and diatoms) from Neopyropia aquaculture using the acid wash (pH shock) method.

Aquaculture 548: 737677 (


Bilal S, Hazafa A, Ashraf I, Alamri S, Siddiqui MH, Ramzan A, Qamar N, Sher F, Naeem M: Comparative effect of inoculation of phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria and phosphorus as sustainable fertilizer on yield and quality of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.).

Plants 10: 2079 (

Brockhagen B, Schoden F, Storck JL, Grothe T, Eßelmann C, Böttjer R, Rattenholl A, Gudermann F: Investigating minimal requirements for plants on textile substrates in low-cost hydroponic systems.

AIMS Bioengineering 8: 173–191 (

Chen L-L, Wang H-Y, Gong X-C, Zeng Z-H, Xue X-Z, Hu Y-G: Transcriptome analysis reveals effects of red and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the growth, chlorophyll fluorescence and endogenous plant hormones of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plantlets cultured in vitro.

Journal of integrative Agriculture 20: 2914–2931 (

Cui J, Song S, Yu J, Liu H: Effect of daily light integral on cucumber plug seedlings in artificial light plant factory

Horticulturae 7: 139 (

Hao J, Chu LM: Short-term detrimental impacts of increasing temperature and photosynthetically active radiation on the ecophysiology of selected bryophytes in Hong Kong, southern China.

Global Ecology and Conservation 31: e01868 (

Herrmann AJ, Sorwat J, Byrne JM, Frankenberg-Dinkel N, Gehringer MM: Diurnal Fe(II)/Fe(III) cycling and enhanced O2 production in a simulated Archean marine oxygen oasis.

Nature Communications 12: 2069 (

Kang EJ, Han A-R, Kim J-H, Kim I-N, Lee S, Min J-O, Nam B-R, Choi Y-J, Edwards MS, Diaz-Pulido G, Kim C: Evaluating bloom potential of the green-tide forming alga Ulva ohnoi under ocean acidification and warming.

Science of the Total Environment 769: 144443 (

Kumar H, Ganesan SP, Sang H, Sahoo L, Garg A, Sekharan S, Leung AK: Exploring relations between plant photochemical quantum parameters and unsaturated soil water retention for biochars and pith amended soils.

Science of The Total Environment 804: 150251 (

Olguin-Jacobson C, Pitt KA: Symbiotic microalgae do not increase susceptibility of zooxanthellate medusa (Cassiopea xamachana) to herbicides.

Aquatic Toxicology 236: 105866 (

Rodríguez-Ortiz JC, Carballo-Méndez FDJ, Preciado-Rangel P, Hernández-Coronado MDC, Rodriguez-Fuentes H, Lozano-Cavazos CJ: Broccoli seedling production in response to recognised organic inputs.

International Journal of Agricultural & Biology 26: 436–442 (

Schroeter B, Green TGA, Pintado A, Türk R, Sancho L G: Summer activity patterns for a moss and lichen in the maritime Antarctic with respect to altitude

Polar Biology (

Song H, Jespersen E, Guo X, Du N, Xie L, Pei L, Ye S, Wang R, Brix H, Eller F, Guo W: Differences in relative air humidity affect responses to soil salinity in freshwater and salt marsh populations of the dominant grass species Phragmites australis.

Hydrobiologia 848, 3353–3369 (

Zúñiga A, Sáez CA, Trabal A, Figueroa FL, Pardo D, Navarrete C, Rodríguez-Rojas F, Moenne F, Celis-Plá PSM: Seasonal photoacclimation and vulnerability patterns in the brown macroalga Lessonia spicata (Ochrophyta).

Water 13: 6 (


Khan H, Kaur S, Baldwin TC, Radecka I, Jiang G, Bretz I, Duale K, Adamus G, Kowalczuk M: Effective control against broadleaf weed species provided by biodegradable PBAT/PLA mulch film embedded with the herbicide 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (MCPA).

Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8: 5360-5370 (

Pérez-Molina JP, Casto Lara R, Portuguez Brenes I, Araya Trejos V, Quesada Traña A: Chlorophyll fluorescence and biomass partitioning within light and nitrogen deficiency: an example of the use of the R programming language for teaching.

UNED Research Journal 12: e2629 (

Sinclair MN, Woods NN, Zinnert JC: Seasonal facilitative and competitive trade-offs between shrub seedlings and coastal grasses.

Ecosphere 11: e02995 (

Spadafora ND, Cocetta G, Ferrante A, Herbert RJ, Dimitrova S, Davoli D, Fernández M, Patterson V, Vozel T, Amarysti C, Rogers HJ, Müller CT: Short-term post-harvest stress that affects profiles of volatile organic compounds and gene expression in rocket salad during early post-harvest senescence.

Plants 9: 4 (

Xu C, Huang S, Huang Y, Effiong K, Yu S, Hu J, Xiao X: New insights into the harmful algae inhibition by Spartina alterniflora: cellular physiology and metabolism of extracellular secretion.

Science of the Total Environment 714: 136737 (


Pérez-Llorca M, Casadesús A, Müller Maren, Munné-Bosch: Leaf orientation as part of the leaf developmental program in the semi-deciduous shrub, Cistus albidus L.: diurnal, positional, and photoprotective effects during winter.

Frontiers in Plant Science 10: 767 (

Zhang J, Buegger F, Albert A, Ghirardo A, Winkler B, Schnitzler J-P, Hebelstrup KH, Durner J, Lindermayr C: Phytoglobin overexpression promotes barley growth in the presence of enhanced level of atmospheric nitric oxide.

Journal of Experimental Botany 70: 4521-4537 (

Zhou R, Yu X, Zhao T, Ottosen C-O, Rosenqvist E, Wu Z: Physiological analysis and transcriptome sequencing reveal the effects of combined cold and drought on tomato leaf.

BMC Plant Biology 19: 377 (


Bader MY, Loranger H, Zotz G, Mendieta-Leiva: Responses of tree seedlings near the alpine treeline to delayed snowmelt and reduced sky exposure.

Forests 9: 12 (

Castro SAB, Fernando AO, Marcato MS, Lemos-Filho JP: So close, yet so different: divergence in resource use may help stabilize coexistence of phylogenetically-related species in a megadiverse grassland.

Flora 238: 72-78 (


Buchner O, Roach T, Gertzen J, Schenk S, Karadar M, Stöggl, Miller R, Bertel C, Neuner G, Kranner I: Drought affects the heat-hardening capacity of alpine plants as indicated by changes in xanthophyll cycle pigments, singlet oxygen scavenging, α-tocopherol and plant hormones.

Environmental and Experimental Botany 133: 159-175 (

Xu L, Yu K, Li S, Liu G, Tao S, Shi Q, Chen T, Zhang H: Interseasonal and interspecies diversities of Symbiodinium density and effective photochemical efficiency in five dominant reef coral species from Luhuitou fringing reef, northern South China Sea.

Coral Reefs 36: 477-487 (

Yamamoto A, Shim I-S, Fujihara S: Inhibition of putrescine biosynthesis enhanced salt stress sensitivity and decreased spermidine content in rice seedlings.

Biologia Plantarum 61: 385-388 (


Alpuerto JB, Hussain RMF, Fukao T: The key regulator of submergence tolerance, SUB1A, promotes photosynthetic and metabolic recovery from submergence damage in rice leaves.

Plant Cell & Environment 39: 672–684 (

Xu C, Mou B: Responses of spinach to salinity and nutrient deficiency in growth, physiology, and nutritional value.

Journal of the Society for Horticultural Science 141: 12-21 (


Bai X, Sun C, Xie J, Song H, Zhu Q, Su Y, Qian H, Fu Z: Effects of atrazine on photosynthesis and defense response and the underlying mechanisms in Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22: 17499-17507 (

Xiao X, de Bettignies T, Olsen YS, Agusti S, Duarte CM, Wernberg T: Sensitivity and acclimation of three canopy-forming seaweeds to UVB radiation and warming.

PLOS ONE 10 (12): e0143031 (


Batra NG, Sharma V, Kumari N: Drought-induced changes in chlorophyll fluorescence, photosynthetic pigments, and thylakoid membrane proteins of Vigna radiata.

Journal of Plant Interactions 9: 712-721 (

Haque MS, Kjaer KH, Rosenqvist E, Sharma DK, Ottosen C-O: Heat stress and recovery of photosystem II efficiency in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars acclimated to different growth temperatures.

Environmental and Experimental Botany 99: 1–8 ( .pdf)


Dongsansuk A, Lütz C, Neuner G: Effects of temperature and irradiance on quantum yield of PSII photochemistry and xanthophyll cycle in a tropical and a temperate species.

Photosynthetica 51: 13-21 ( .pdf)

Friedjung AY, Choudhary SP, Dudai N, Rachmilevitch S: Physiological conjunction of allelochemicals and desert plants.

PLoS ONE 8: e81580 (

Roiloa SR, Rodríguez-Echeverría S, Freitas H, Retuerto R: Developmentally-programmed division of labour in the clonal invader Carpobrotus edulis.

Biological Invasions 15: 1895-1905 ( .pdf)


Lakatos M, Obregón A, Büdel B, Bendix J: Midday dew – an overlooked factor enhancing photosynthetic activity of corticolous epiphytes in a wet tropical rain forest.

New Phytology 194: 245–253 (

Matthijs HCP, Visser PM, Reeze B, Meeuse J, Slot PC, Wijn G, Talens R, Huisman J: Selective suppression of harmful cyanobacteria in an entire lake with hydrogen peroxide.

Water Research 46: 1460–1472 ( .pdf)

Rascher U, Freiberg M, Lüttge U: Functional diversity of photosynthetic light use of 16 vascular epiphyte species under fluctuating irradiance in the canopy of a giant Virola michelii (Myristicaceae) tree in the tropical lowland forest of French Guyana.

Frontiers in Plant Science 2: 117 (

Reyes-García C, Mejia-Chang M, Griffiths H: High but not dry: diverse epiphytic bromeliad adaptations to exposure within a seasonally dry tropical forest community.

New Phytologist 193: 745–754 (

Roiloa SR, Retuerto R: Clonal integration in Fragaria vesca growing in metal-polluted soils: parents face penalties for establishing their offspring in unsuitable environments.

Ecological Research 27: 95-106 ( .pdf)


Gaudet M, Pietrini F, Beritognolo I, Iori V, Zacchini M, Massacci A, Mugnozza SG, Sabatti M: Intraspecific variation of physiological and molecular response to cadmium stress in Populus nigra L.

Tree Physiology 31, 1309–1318 (

Walter Julia, Nagy Laura, Hein Roman, Rascher Uwe, Beierkuhnlein Carl, Willner Evelin, Jentsch Anke: Do plants remember drought? Hints towards a drought-memory in grasses.

Environmental and Experimental Botany 71: 34–40 ( .pdf)

Webster NS, Soo R, Cobb R, Negri AP: Elevated seawater temperature causes a microbial shift on crustose coralline algae with implications for the recruitment of coral larvae.

The ISME Journal 5, 759–770 (


de Vera J-P, Möhlmann D, Butina F, Lorek A, Wernecke R, Ott S.: Survival potential and photosynthetic activity of lichens under Mars-like conditions: A laboratory study.

Astrobiology. 10: 215-227 ( .pdf)

Jones TJ, Luton CD, Santiago LS, Goldstein G: Hydraulic constraints on photosynthesis in subtropical evergreen broad leaf forest and pine woodland trees of the Florida Everglades.

Trees 24, 471-478 (

Vasilakoglou I, Dhima K, Karagiannidis N, Gatsis T, Petrotos K: Competitive ability and phytotoxic potential of four winter canola hybrids as affected by nitrogen supply.

Crop Science 50:1011–1021 ( .pdf)


Prider J, Watling J, Facelli JM: Impacts of a native parasitic plant on an introduced and a native host species: implications for the control of an invasive weed.

Annals of Botany 103: 107–115 (


Floerl S, Druebert C, Majcherczyk A, Karlovsky P, Kües U, Polle A: Defence reactions in the apoplastic proteome of oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. napus) attenuate Verticillium longisporum growth but not disease symptoms.

BMC Plant Biology 8:129 ( .pdf )

Meyer M, Seibt U, Griffiths H: To concentrate or ventilate? Carbon acquisition, isotope discrimination and physiological ecology of early land plant life forms.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 363: 2767–2778. ( .pdf)

Vitale L, Arena C, De Santo AV, D’Ambrosio N: Effects of heat stress on gas exchange and photosystem II (PSII) photochemical activity of Phillyrea angustifolia exposed to elevated CO2 and subsaturating irradiance.

Botany 86: 435–441 (

Zhang X, Wollenweber B, Jiang D, Liu F, Zhao J: Water deficits and heat shock effects on photosynthesis of a transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana constitutively expressing ABP9, a bZIP transcription factor.

Journal of Experimental Botany 59: 839-848 (


Blödner C, Majcherczyk A, Kües U, Polle A: Early drought-induced changes to the needle proteome of Norway spruce.

Tree Physiology 27: 1423–1431 (http://treephys.oxfordjournals.
org/... .pdf

Gielen B, Löw M, Deckmyn G, Metzger U, Fabrice F, Heerdt C, Matyssek R, Valcke R, Ceulemans R: Chronic ozone exposure affects leaf senescence of adult beech trees: a chlorophyll fluorescence approach.

Journal of Experimental Botany 58: 785–795 (

Grams TEE, Koziolek C, Lautner S, Matyssek R, Fromm J: Distinct roles of electric and hydraulic signals on the reaction of leaf gas exchange upon re-irrigation in Zea mays L.

Plant, Cell and Environment 30: 79–84 ( .pdf)

Heise J, Krejci S, Miersch J, Krauss G-J, Humbeck K: Gene expression of metallothioneins in barley during senescence and heavy metal treatment.

Crop Science 47:1111–1118 (

Hernández-González O, Villarreal OB: Crassulacean acid metabolism photosynthesis in columnar cactus
seedlings during ontogeny: the effect of light on nocturnal acidity accumulation and chlorophyll.

American Journal of Botany 94: 1344-1351 (

Krause GH, Jahns P, Virgo A, García M, Aranda J, Wellmann E, Winter K: Photoprotection, photosynthesis and growth of tropical tree seedlings under near-ambient and strongly reduced solar ultraviolet-B radiation.

Journal of Plant Physiology 164: 1311—1322 ( .pdf)

Lüttge U, Duarte HM, Scarano FR, de Mattos EA, Cavalin PO, Franco AC, Fernandes GW: Physiological ecology of photosynthesis of five sympatric species of Velloziaceae in the rupestrian fields of Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Flora 202: 637–646 (

Okuda K, Myouga F, Motohashi R, Shinozaki K, Shikanai T: Conserved domain structure of pentatricopeptide repeat proteins involved in chloroplast RNA editing.

Proceeding of the National Academy of Science 104: 8178–8183 (

Ouelhadj A, Kaminski M, Mittag M, Humbeck K: Receptor-like protein kinase HvLysMR1 of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is induced during leaf senescence and heavy metal stress.

Journal of Experimental Botany 58: 1381–1396, (

Sánchez-Díaz M, Tapia C, M. Antolín MC: Drought-induced oxidative stress in Canarian laurel forest tree species growing under controlled conditions.

Tree Physiology 27: 1415–1422 ( .pdf)


Lakatos M, Rascher U, Büdel B: Functional characteristics of corticolous lichens in the understory of a tropical lowland rain forest.

New Phytologist 172:679–695 (

Müller M, Hernández I, Alegre L, Munné-Bosch S: Enhanced ɑ-tocopherol quinone levels and xanthophyll cycle de-epoxidation in rosemary plants exposed to water deficit during a Mediterranean winter.

Journal of Plant Physiology 163: 601—606 (

Shimizu M, Ishida A, Tange T, Yagi H: Leaf turnover and growth responses of shade-grown saplings of four Shorea rain forest species to a sudden increase in light.

Tree Physiology 26: 449–457 ( .pdf)


El-Lithy ME, Rodrigues GC, van Rensen JJS, Snel JFH, Dassen HJHA, Koornneef M, Jansen MAK, Aarts MGM, Vreugdenhil D: Altered photosynthetic performance of a natural Arabidopsis accession is associated with atrazine resistance.

Journal of Experimental Botany 56: 1625–1634 (

Houter NC, Pons TL: Gap size effects on photoinhibition in understorey saplings in tropical rainforest.

Plant Ecology 179: 43-51 ( .pdf)

Matsubara S, Naumann M, Martin R, Nichol C, Rascher U, Morosinotto T, Bassi R, Osmond B: Slowly reversible de-epoxidation of lutein-epoxide in deep shade leaves of a tropical tree legume may ‘lock-in’ lutein-based photoprotection during acclimation to strong light.

Journal of Experimental Botany 56:461-468 (

Shabala S, Shabala L, Van Volkenburgh E, Newman I: Effect of divalent cations on ion fluxes and leaf photochemistry in salinized barley leaves.

Journal of Experimental Botany 56: 1369–1378 (