Accessories for MONITORING-PAM - STAND-ALONE Configuration of TERRESTRIAL Version

Four-Way Distributor MICRO-HUB

Input port expander when more than 7 MONI-PAM measuring heads are to be connected to a MONI-DA data acquisition system. The maximum number of measuring heads per MONI-DA is 16 corresponding to 12 heads connected via MICRO-HUB and 4 directly connected heads.


In the presence of WiFi network coverage, a WiFi modem transfers MONI-DA data via internet and a special Walz server to your computer. When WiFi is not available but cellular network coverage is present, a mobile hotspot can be used to connect the WiFi modem to the Walz server. The WiFi modem MONI-DA/WiFi is designed for the STAND-ALONE Configuration of the TERRESTRIAL Version. The WiFi modem MONI-DA/SWIFI is equipped with underwater connectors and, thus, serves as accessory of the STAND-ALONE Configuration of the AQUATIC Version. For a radio connection, the MONI-DA/SWIFI must be operated above water.

Satellite Modem

When terrestrial wireless communication is unavailable, a satellite modem is available to transfer data via communications satellite and dedicated Walz server to your office.