STAND-ALONE Configuration of TERRESTRIAL Version

MONI-Interface USB/0

Interface cable connecting USB port of a computer to an input socket of the data acquisition system MONIDA. The PC Interface USB-0 permits adjustment of MONI-DA settings by the user interface of WinControl-3.

Mobile Phone (GPRS) Modem

Robust and waterproof GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) modem for wireless data transfer when a cellular phone network is available. The modem sends data at each time a saturation pulse analysis is carried out. These data are received by a Walz server which provides them online to the user.


Satellite Modem

In the absence of coverage by a mobile phone net, a satellite modem can be used for wireless communication. Similar to GPRS modems, data sent from satellite modems are received by a Walz server and provided online to the user.