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Date: February 7, 2024

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Date: February 7, 2024.

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Selected Publications for MONITORING-PAM


McNie A, Breen D, Vopel K: PSII photochemical efficiency and chlororespiration of Acropora millepora zooxanthella in carbonated seawater.

Research Square (

Skovsholt LJ, Riis T, Matheson F, Hawes I: Growth response to nitrate enrichment helps facilitate success of an alien Potamogeton in New Zealand streams.

Heliyon 9: e15528 (

Wilson S, Kim E, Ishii A, Ruban AV, Minagawa J: Overexpression of LHCSR and PsbS enhance light tolerance in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B 244: 112718 (

Zhang C, Akhlaq M, Yan H, Ni Y, Liang S, Zhou J, Xue R, Li M, Adnan RM, Li J: Chlorophyll fluorescence parameter as a predictor of tomato growth and yield under CO2 enrichment in protective cultivation.

Agricultural Water Management 284: 108333 (


Jin C, Zha T, Bourque CP-A, Jia X, Tian Y, Liu P, Li X, Liu X, Guo X, Xu M, Kang X, Guo Z, Wang N: Temporal heterogeneity in photosystem II photochemistry in Artemisia ordosica under a fluctuating desert environment.

Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 1057943 (

Kim C, van Iersel MW: Morphological and physiological screening to predict lettuce biomass production in controlled environment agriculture.

Remote Sensing 14: 316 (

Martini D, Sakowska K, Wohlfahrt G, Pacheco-Labrador J, van der Tol C, Porcar-Castell A, Magney TS, Carrara A, Colombo R, El-Madany TS, Gonzalez-Cascon R, Martin, MP, Julitta T, Moreno G, Rascher U, Reichstein M, Rossini M, Migliavacca M: Heatwave breaks down the linearity between sun-induced fluorescence and gross primary production.

New Phytologist 233: 2415-2428 (

Nguyen LLP, Szabó G, Zsom T, Hitka G: Application of ethylene for ripening of 1-MCP treated pear after cold storage.

Acta Alimentaria 51: 176-184 (

Wang H, Wu F, Li M, Zhu X, Shi C, Ding G: Morphological and physiological responses of Pinus massoniana seedlings of different light gradients.

Forests 12: 523 (


Backes A, Vaillant-Gaveau N, Esmaeel Q, Barka EA, Jacquard C: A biological agent modulates the physiology of barley infected with Drechslera teres.

Scientific Reports 11: 8330 (

Han J, Gu L, Warren JM, Guha A, Mclennan DA, Zhang W, Zhang Y: The roles of photochemical and non-photochemical quenching om regulating photosynthesis depend on the phases of fluctuating light conditions.

Tree Physiology 42: 848-861 (

Kim J, Ryu Y, Dechant B, Lee H, Kim HS, Kornfeld A, Berry JA: Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is non-linearly related to canopy photosynthesis in a temperate evergreen needleleaf forest during the fall transition.

Remote Sensing of Environment 258: 112362 (

Ma M-Y, Liu Y, Zhang Y-W, Qin W-L, Wang Z-M, Zhang Y-H, Lu C-M, Lu Q-T: In situ measurements of winter wheat diurnal changes in photosynthesis and environmental factors reveal new insight into photosynthesis improvement by super-high-yield cultivation.

Journal of Integrative Agriculture 20: 527–539 (

Pan X, Wu H, Hu M, Wang Z, Jiang X, Guan L, Bai W, Lei K: Global analysis of gene expression profiles in glutinous rice 89-1 (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings exposed to chilling stress.

Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 39: 626-639 (

Quirós-Vargas J, Caldeira RD, Zendonai dos Santos N, Zimmermann L, Siegmann B, Kraska T, Vasconcelos MW, Rascher U, Muller O: Response of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to elevated [CO2] in yield, biomass and chlorophyll fluorescence.

Wang H, Wu F, Li M, Zhu X, Shi C, Ding G: Morphological and physiological responses of Pinus massoniana seedlings to different light gradients.

Forests 12: 523 (

Yang P, van der Tol C, Campbell PKE, Middleton EM: Unraveling the physical and physiological basis for the solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis relationship using continuous leaf and canopy measurements of a corn crop.

Biogeosciences 18: 441–465 (


Cho SM, Lee H, Hong SG, Lee J: Study of ecophysiological responses of the Antarctic fructicose Lichen Cladonia borealis using the PAM fluorescence system under natural and laboratory conditions.

Plants 9: 85 (

Rosado-Calderón AT, Tamyo-Chim M, de la Barrera E, Ramírez-Morillo IM, Andrade JL, Briones O, Reyes-Garcia C: High resilience to extreme climatic changes in the CAM epiphyte Tillandsia utriculata L. (Bromeliaceae).

Physiologia Plantarum 168: 547-562 (

Yang P, van der Tol C, Campbell PKE, Middleton EM: Fluorescence correction vegetation Index (FCVI): a physically based reflectance index to separate physiological and non-physiological information in far-red sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence.

Remote Sensing of Environment 240: 111676 (

Zsom T, Polgári P, Nguyen LPL, Hitka G, Zsom-Muha V: Quality maintenance of broccoli by the use of 1-MCP treatments.

Progress in Agricultural Engineering Sciences 16: 95–103 (


Campbell PKE, Huemmrich KF, Middleton EM, Ward LA, Julitta T, Daughtry CST, Burkart A, Russ AL, Kustas WP: Diurnal and seasonal variations in chlorophyll fluorescence associated with photosynthesis at leaf and canopy scales.

Remote Sensing 11: 488 (

Nichol CJ, Drolet G, Porcar-Castell A, Wade T, Sabater N, Middleton EM, MacLellan C, Levula J, Mammarella I, Vesala T, Atherton J: Diurnal and seasonal solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis in a boreal Scots pine canopy.

Remote Sensing 11: 273 (

Ohnishi N, Wacera F, Sakamoto W: Photosynthetic responses to high temperature and strong light suggest potential post-flowering drought tolerance of sorghum Japanese landrace Takakibi.

Plant & Cell Physiology 60: 2086-2099 (

Rosado-Calderón AT, Tamayo-Chim M, de la Barrera E, Ramírez-Morillo IM, Andrade JL, Briones O, Reyes-García C: High resilience to extreme climatic changes in the CAM epiphyte Tillandsia utriculata L. (Bromeliaceae).

Physiologia Plantarum, in press (


Bader MY, Loranger H, Zotz G, Mendieta-Leiva: Responses of tree seedlings near the alpine treeline to delayed snowmelt and reduced sky exposure.

Forests 9: 12 (

Bellworth J, Fine M: The Red Sea simulator: a high precision climate change mesocosm with automated monitoring for the long-term study of coral reef organisms.

Limnology and Oceanography Methods 16: 367-375 (

Hubbart S, Smillie IRA, Heatley M, Swarup R, Foo CC, Zhao L, Murchie EH: Enhanced thylakoid photoprotection can increase yield and canopy radiation use efficiency in rice.

Communications Biology 1: 22 (

Janka E, Körner O, Rosenqvist E, Ottosen C-O: Stimulation of PSII-operating efficiency from chlorophyll fluorescence in response to light and temperature in chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora) using a multilayer leaf model.

Photosynthetica 56: 633-640 ("

Jiang HS, Zhang Y, Yin L, Li W, Jin Q, Fu W, Zhang T, Huang W: : Diurnal changes in photosynthesis by six submerged macrophytes measured using fluorescence.

Aquatic Botany 149: 33-39 (

Pu G, Zhang D, Zeng D, Xu G, Huang Y: Physiological response of Arundo donax L. to thallium accumulation in a simulated wetland.

Marine and Freshwater Research 69: 714-720 (

Wittmann C, Pfanz H: More than just CO2-recycling: corticular photosynthesis as a mechanism to reduce the risk of an energy crisis induced by low oxygen.

New Phytology 219: 551-564 ("


Meacham K, Sirault X, Quick WP, von Caemmerer S, Furbank R: Diurnal solar energy conversion and photoprotection in rice canopies.

Plant Physiology 173: 495–508 (

Zha T-S, Wu YJ, Jia X, Zhang MY, Bai YJ, Liu P, Ma JY, Bourque CP-A, Peltola H: Diurnal response of effective quantum yield of PSII photochemistry to irradiance as an indicator of photosynthetic acclimation to stressed environments revealed in a xerophytic species.

Ecological Indicators 74: 191–197 (


Ikeuchi M, Satom F, Endo T: Allocation of absorbed light energy in photosystem II in NPQ mutants of Arabidopsis.

Plant and Cell Physiology 57: 1484–1494 (

Tazoe Y, Sazuka T, Yamaguchi M, Saito C, Ikeuchi M, Kanno K, Kojima S, Hirano K, Kitano H, Kasuga S, Endo T, Fukuda H, Makino A: Growth properties and biomass production in the hybrid C4 crop Sorghum bicolor.

Plant & Cell Physiology 5: 944-952 ( .pdf)

Webster RJ, Driever SM, Kromdijk J, McGrath J, Leakey ADB, Siebke K, Demetriades-Shah T, Bonnage S, Peloe T, Lawson T, Long SP: High C3 photosynthetic capacity and high intrinsic water use efficiency underlies the high productivity of the bioenergy grass Arundo donax.

Scientific Reports 6: article number 20694 ( .pdf)

Wu CW, Lee MC, Peng YL, Chou TY, Lin KH, Chang YS: Chlorophyll fluorescence upper-to-lower-leaf ratio for determination of irrigation time for Pentas lanceolata.

Photosynthetica 54: 193–200 ( .pdf)


Aalto J, Porcar-Castell A, Atherton J, Kolari P, Pohja T, Hari P, Nikinmaa E, Petäjä T, Bäck J: Onset of photosynthesis in spring speeds up monoterpene synthesis and leads to emission bursts.

Plant Cell Environment 38: 2299–2312 (

Janka E, Körner O, Rosenqvist E, Ottosen C-O: Using the quantum yields of photosystem II and the rate of net photosynthesis to monitor high irradiance and temperature stress in chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora).

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 90: 14–22 (

Lindfors L, Hölttä T, Lintunen A, Porcar-Castell A, Nikinmaa E, Juurola E: Dynamics of leaf gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and stem diameter changes during freezing and thawing of Scots pine seedlings..

Tree Physiology 35: 1314-1324 (

Su F, Jacquard C, Villaume S, Michel J, Rabenoelina F, Clément C, Barka EA, Dhondt-Cordelier S, Vaillant-Gaveau N: Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN reduces impact of freezing temperatures on photosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Frontiers in Plant Science 6: article 810 (

Wood SA, Depree C, Brown L, McAllister T, Hawes I: Entrapped sediments as a source of phosphorus in epilithic cyanobacterial proliferations in low nutrient rivers.

PLoS ONE 10: e0141063 (


Figueroa FL, Conde-Álvarez R, Bonomi Barufi J, Celis-Plá PSM, Flores P, Malta EJ, Stengel DB, Meyerhoff O, Pérez-Ruzafa A: Continuous monitoring of in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence in Ulva rigida (Chlorophyta) submitted to different CO2, nutrient and temperature regimes

Aquatic Biology 22: 195–212 (

Ikeuchi M, Uebayashi N, Sato F, Endo T: Physiological functions of PsbS-dependent and PsbS-independent NPQ under naturally fluctuating light conditions.

Plant Cell Physiology 55: 1286–1295 (

Kolari P, Chan T, Porcar-Castell A, Bäck J, Nikinmaa E, Juurola E: Field and controlled environment measurements show strong seasonal acclimation in photosynthesis and respiration potential in boreal Scots pine.

Frontiers in Plant Science 5: article 717 (

Lee M-C, Chang DCN, Wu C-W, Wang Y-T, Chang Y-S: Phalaenopsis efficiently acclimate to highlight environment through orchid mycorrhization.

Scientia Horticulturae 179: (

Raesch AR, Muller O, Pieruschka R, Rascher U: Field observations with laser-induced fluorescence transient (LIFT) method in barley and sugar beet.

Agriculture 4: 159-169 (

Sehnal L, Váczi P, Barták M: Effect of temperature and increased concentration of CO2 on growth and photosynthetic activity of polar alga Trebouxia sp.

Czech Polar Reports 4: 47-56 ( .pdf)


Janka E: On the understanding of climate tolerance and early plant stress detection in greenhouse cultivation.

PhD Thesis, Aarhus University, Årslev, Denmark ( .pdf)

Liu D, Wu L, Naeem MS, Liu H, Deng X, Xu L, Zhang F, Zhou W: 5-Aminolevulinic acid enhances photosynthetic gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and antioxidant system in oilseed rape under drought stress.

Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 35: 2747–2759 (


Barták M, Váczi P, Hájek J: Photosynthetic activity in three vascular species of Spitsbergen vegetation during summer season in response to microclimate.

Polish Polar Research 33: (

García-Plazaola JI, Esteban R, Fernández-Marín B, Kranner I, Porcar-Castell A: Thermal energy dissipation and xanthophyll cycles beyond the Arabidopsis model.

Photosynthesis Research 113: 89-103 (

Zsom T, Zsom-Muha V, Dénes DL, Ecseki H, Felföldi J: Novel methods for the monitoring of postharvest changes of different pear cultivars.

In: International Conference of Agricultural Engineering 2012, Valencia, Spain. Conference proceedings. P2069. (


Chen H, Zheng X, Li J, Zhang J, Xu X: Response of sugarcane chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and spectral reflectance to water stress in elongation.

In: International Conference on Computer Distributed Control and Intelligent Environmental Monitoring (CDCIEM), 2011, Changsha, Hunan, China. Conference Proceeding. pp. 981-984 (

Porcar-Castell A: A high-resolution portrait of the annual dynamics of photochemical and non-photochemical quenching in needles of Pinus sylvestris.

Physiologia Plantarum 143: (

Wan G, Najeeb U, Jilani G, Naeem M, Zhou W: Calcium invigorates the cadmium-stressed Brassica napus L. plants by strengthening their photosynthetic system.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 18:1478-1486 (


Drolet G, Nichol CJ, Wade TJ, Porcar-Castell A, Nikinmaa E, Middleton E, Ong L, Vesala T, Levula J, Moncrieff JB: Spatial and temporal patterns of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from a Finnish boreal landscape: Comparisons from the ground up to space.

American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010, San Francisco, California, USA. Abstract #B41I-0441 (


Hitka G, Balla C, Fodor P, Gyepes A, Csobánczi A, Timea S: New methods to determine the level of low oxygen limit.

Postharvest Unlimited 2008. Berlin - Germany - November 4 -7, 2008 (Poster) (PDF-File)

Porcar-Castell A, Pfündel E, Korhonen JFJ, Juurola E: A new monitoring PAM fluorometer (MONI-PAM) to study the short- and long-term acclimation of photosystem II in field conditions.

Photosynthesis Research 96, 173-179 (


McMinn A, Ryan K, Gademann R: Diurnal changes in photosynthesis of Antarctic fast ice algal communities determined by pulse amplitude modulation fluorometry.

Marine Biology 143: 359-367 (