ONLINE Configuration

The ONLINE configuration of the TERRESTRIAL version requires permanent power supply to the PC Interface Box MONI-IB4/LAN. The MONI-IB4/LAN provides input sockets for up to four RS-485 lines connecting to MONI-HEAD/485 emitter-detector heads. The LAN function of the MONI-IB4/LAN interface permits integration of the MONITORING-PAM in a local area network. In addition, RS-232 and USB communications are available for direct connection of the MONITORING-PAM with a Windows PC.

Distances between components of the ONLINE configurations are determined by lengths of communication and power cables. For example, samples can be about 10 m away from the computer in case of USB or RS-232 communication but this distance can be increased to more than 100 m when Ethernet is used.

STAND-ALONE Configuration

The STAND-ALONE configuration of the TERRESTRIAL version of the MONITORING-PAM is suited for independent long-term monitoring of photosynthesis at remote places in the absence of power supply. The system consists of the battery-powered data acquisition system MONI-DA, two solar panels MONI-SP and up to seven emitter-detector heads MONI-HEAD/485. The number of MONI-HEAD/485 heads per MONI-DA can be increased by the use of a MICRO-HUB interface.

The MONI-DA logs data on a microSD flash card and, additionally, on an 8 MByte ring buffer. Online connection between MONI-DA and a Windows computer is established using the interface MONI-IB1 and USB communication. A WiFi or satellite modem transmits data to distant computers with little time delay.