Accessories for MULTI-COLOR-PAM - Leaf Configuration

Optical Unit for Leaf Measurements MCP-BK

This optical unit is designed for measurements of leaves or flat photosynthetic surfaces. The unit features a clip to position leaves optimally for fluorescence measurements. The clip has a port for a Mini Quantum Sensor US-MQS/WB.

Mini Quantum Sensor US-MQS/WB

A cosine-corrected mini quantum sensor measures light intensities which are relevant for plant leaves or flat surfaces. When the sensor is connected to the control unit MCP-C, data will be acquired and processed by the PamWin-3 software.

90 Degree Measuring Head Holder DUAL-H90

For fluorescence measurements with leaves. The holder positions two measuring heads so that their optical axes are at right angles to each other. Fluorescence excitation and detection is at an angle of 45 degrees. Designed for simultaneously recording short and long wavelength fluorescence (DUAL-PAM-100 application), and for assessment of epidermal UV-A screening (MULTI-COLOR-PAM application).