Accessories for MULTI-COLOR-PAM - Suspension Configuration

Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor US-SQS/WB

Exact light measurements in suspensions (but also in air) can be carried out by the spherical micro quantum sensor US-SQS/WB. The sensor has a 3.7 mm diameter sphere as the entrance optics. When the sensor is connected to the control unit MCP-C, data will be acquired and processed by the PamWin-3 software.

Temperature Control Unit US-T

The US-T unit consists of a heat-transfer head with a cooling/heating Peltier element, and a separate power-and-control unit. The heat-transfer head is mounted on top of a Walz optical unit (ED-101US-type) so that the dip of the rod is in touch with the suspension investigated. The achievable temperature spread in suspensions is about 30 K; absolute temperatures depend on ambient temperature.

Download the manual for detailed information.

Miniature Magnetic Stirrer PHYTO-MS

Settling of particles is prevented by using a miniature magnetic stirrer (US-MS). The stirrer is mounted directly beneath the sample cuvette. A rotating magnetic field created by the stirrer tip moves a miniature magnetic stir bar in the cuvette. The stirrer is connected to the MULTI-COLOR-PAM control unit (MCP-C). Stirring can be switched on and off by the PamWin-3 software.

Temperature Control Block ED-101US/T

For measurements under defined temperatures, the temperature control block ED-101US/T can be mounted on the optical unit ED-101US/MD. The block consists of an inner flow-trough metal part which is slightly pressed on the sample cuvette by a spring mechanism, and an external foam part for temperature insulation. Temperature control is achieved by an external flow-through water bath (not included) connected to the temperature block.