PamWin-3 Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

The MULTI-COLOR-PAM is controlled by the well-proven PamWin-3 software which also operates the PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometer. The software runs on PCs with operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

The PamWin-3 software provides renowned features like saturation pulse analysis and automatic calculations of the generally accepted fluorescence quenching parameters. Fluorescence induction and light response curve experiments can be easily configured. Complex experimental designs can be conducted automatically and reproducibly using the script file feature of PamWin-3.

For studies of fast fluorescence changes, a special graphical interface permits exact timing of light and measuring conditions. Automatic averaging of repeated fast kinetics yields excellent signal quality even for poorly fluorescing samples.

The PamWin-3 software offers new routines to simplify everyday work. Light intensities of actinic and measuring light, as well as for saturation pulses are measured automatically for all light colors. Also, the level of signal background can be measured automatically at different gain factors for all colors and intensities of measuring light.

Tools for data fitting include analysis of light curves by 2 different models and estimation of the light curve cardinal points α, Ik, and ETRmax. A first-time feature is analysis of fast fluorescence rise kinetics to derive wavelength-specific information on functional antenna size of PS II.