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Date: October 7, 2021

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Keywords: (Walz OR Waltz) Effeltrich.
Date: October 7, 2021.

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Selected Publications for MULTI-COLOR-PAM


Bao N, Gao K: Interactive effects of elevated CO2 concentration and light on the picophytoplankton Synechococcus.

Frontiers in Marine Science 8: 634189 (

Bernát G, Zavřel T, Kotabová E, Kovács L, Steinbach G, Vörös L, Prášil O, Somogyi B, Tóth VR: Photomorphogenesis in the picocyanobacterium Cyanobium gracile includes increased phycobilisome abundance under blue light, phycobilisome decoupling under near far-red light, and wavelength-specific photoprotective strategies.

Frontiers in Plant Science 12: 612302 (

González-Guerrero LA, Vásquez-Elizondo RM, López-Londoño, Hernán G, Iglesias-Prieto R, Enríquez S: Validation of parameters and protocols derived from chlorophyll a fluorescence commonly utilised in marine ecophysiological studies.

Functional Plant Biology, in press (

Kelly KJ, Fu F-X, Jiang X, Li H, Xu D, Yang N, DeMers MA, Kling JD, Gao K, Ye N, Hutchins DA: Interactions between ultraviolet B radiation, warming, and changing nitrogen source may reduce the accumulation of toxic pseudo-nitzschia multiseries biomass in future coastal oceans.

Frontiers in Marine Science 8: 664302 (

Michel-Rodriguez M, Lefebvre S, Crouvoisier M, Mériaux X, Lizon F: Underwater light climate and wavelength dependence of microalgae photosynthetic parameters in a temperate sea.

PeerJ 9: e12101 (

Qu L, Beardall J, Jiang X, Gao K: Elevated pCO2 enhances under light but reduces in darkness the growth rate of a diatom, with implications for the fate of phytoplankton below the photic zone.

Limnology and Oceanography 66: 3630–3642 (

Schreiber U, Klughammer C: Evidence for variable chlorophyll fluorescence of photosystem I in vivo.

Photosynthesis Research 149: 213–231 (

Six C, Ratin M, Marie D, Corre E: Marine Synechococcus picocyanobacteria: light utilization across latitudes.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 118: e2111300118 (

Wang C, Wang M, Chen B, Qin W, Lin L, Dai C, Yu H, Li R, Zhao M, Ma Z: Harmful algal bloom-forming dinoflagellate Prorocentrum donghaiense inhibits the growth and photosynthesis of seaweed Sargassum fusiformis embryos.

Journal of Oceanology and Limnology (

Yun J-H, Pierrelée M, Cho D-H, Kim U, Heo J, Choi D-Y, Lee YJ, Lee B, Kim HR, Habermann B, Chang YK, Kim H-S: Transcriptomic analysis of Chlorella sp. HS2 suggests the overflow of acetyl-CoA and NADPH cofactor induces high lipid accumulation and halotolerance

Food and Energy Security 10: e267 (

Zavřel T, Schoffman H, Lukeš M, Fedorko J, Keren N, Červený J: Monitoring fitness and productivity in cyanobacteria batch cultures.

Algal Research 56: 102328 (


Chen Y, Bi C, Zhang J, Hou H, Gong Z: Astaxanthin biosynthesis in transgenic Dunaliella salina (Chlorophyceae) enhanced tolerance to high irradiation stress.

South African Journal of Botany 133: 132-138 (

Djediat C, Feilke K, Brochard A, Caramelle L, Tiam SK, Sétif P, Gauvrit T, Yéprémian C, Wilson A, Talbot L, Marie B, Kirilovsky D, Bernard C: Light stress in green and red Plankothrix strains: the orange carotenoid protein and its related photoprotective mechanism.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1861: 148037 (

Frankenbach S, Ezequiel J, Plecha S, Goessling JW, Vaz L, Kühl M, Dias JM, Vaz N, Serôdio J: Synoptic spatio-temporal variability of the photosynthetic productivity of microsphytobenthos and phytoplankton in a tidal estuary.

Frontiers in Marine Science 7: 170 (

Lysenko V, Guo Y, Koslapov A, Usova E, Varduny T, Krasnov V: Polychromatic Fourier-PAM fluorometry and hyperspectral analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence from Phaseolus vulgaris leaves: effects of green light.

Information Processing in Agriculture 7: 204-211 (

Xu J, Sun J, Beardall J, Gao K: Lower salinity leads to improved physiological performance in the Coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi, which partly ameliorates the effects of ocean acidification.

Frontiers in Marine Science 7:704 (

Yi X, Fu F-X, Hutchins DA, Gao K: Light availability modulates the effects of warming in a marine N2 fixer.

Biogeosciences 17: 1169-1180 (


Havurinne V, Mattila H, Antinluoma M, Tyystjärvi E: Unresolved quenching mechanisms of chlorophyll fluorescence may invalidate MT saturating pulse analyses of photosynthetic electron transfer in microalgae.

Physiologia Plantarum 166: 365-379 (

Koh HG, Kang NK, Kim EK, Suh WI, Park W-K, Lee B, Chang YK: Isolation and characterization of novel Chlorella species with cold resistance and high lipid accumulation for biodiesel production.

Journal of Microbial Biotechnology 29: 952-961 (

Røkke GB, Melø TB, Mühlroth A, Vadstein O, Bones AM, Hohmann-Marriott MF: Unique photosynthetic electron transport tuning and excitation distribution in heterokont algae.

PLOS ONE 14: e0209920 (

Schreiber U, Klughammer C, Schansker G: Rapidly reversible chlorophyll fluorescence quenching induced by pulses of supersaturating light in vivo.

Photosynthesis Research 142: 35-50 (


Goessling JW, Su Y, Cartaxana P, Maibohm C, Rickelt LF, Trampe ECL, Walby SL, Wangpraseurt D, Wu X, Ellegaard M, Kühl M: Structure-based optics of centric diatom frustules: modulation of the in vivo light field for efficient diatom photosynthesis.

New Phytologist 219: 122-134 (

Zavřel T, Szabo M, Tamburic B, Evenhuis C, Kuzhiumparambil U, Literáková P, Larkum AWD, Raven JA, Červeny, Ralph PJ: Effect of carbon limitation on photosynthetic electron transport in Nannochloropsis oculata.

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B 181: 31-43 (


Goessling JW, Cartaxana P, Kühl M: Photo-protection in the centric diatom Coscinodiscus granii is not controlled by chloroplast high-light avoidance movement.

Frontiers in Marine Science 2 (Article 115): 1-10 (

Hansen PJ, Ojamäe K, Berge T, Trampe ECL, Nielsen LT, Lips I, Kühl M: Photoregulation in a kleptochloroplastidic dinoflagellate, Dinophysis acuta.

Frontiers in Microbiology 7 (Article 785): 1-11 (

Murphy TE, Prufert-Bebout LE, Bebout BM: A radiative transfer modeling approach for accurate interpretation of PAM fluorometry experiments in suspended algal cultures.

Biotechnology Progress (in press) (

Shin W-S, Lee B, Jeong B-r, Chang YK, Kwon J-H: Truncated light-harvesting chlorophyll antenna size in Chlorella vulgaris improves biomass productivity.

Journal of Applied Phycology 28: 3193–3202 (


Klughammer C, Schreiber U: Apparent PS II absorption cross-section and estimation of mean PAR in optically thin and dense suspensions of Chlorella.

Photosynthesis Research 123: 77-92 (


Szabó M, Parker K, Guruprasad S, Kuzhiumparambil U, Lilley RMcC., Tamburic B, Schliep M, Larkum AWD, Schreiber U, Raven JA, Ralph PJ: Photosynthetic acclimation of Nannochloropsis oculata investigated by multi-wavelength chlorophyll fluorescence analysis.

Bioresource Technology 167: 521–529 (

Szabó M, Wangpraseurt D, Tamburic B, Larkum AWD, Schreiber U, Suggett DJ, Kühl M, Ralph PJ: Effective light absorption and absolute electron transport rates in the coral Pocillopora damicornis.

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 83: 159–167 (

Wangpraseurt D, Tamburic B, Szabó M, Suggett D, Ralph PJ, Kühl M: Spectral Effects on Symbiodinium photobiology studied with a programmable light engine.

PLOS ONE 9(11): e112809 (


Schreiber U, Klughammer C: Wavelength-dependent photodamage to Chlorella investigated with a new type of multi-color PAM chlorophyll fluorometer.

Photosynthesis Research 114: 165-177 (


Bernát G, Schreiber U, Sendtko E, Stadnichuk IN, Rexroth S, Rögner M, Koenig F: Unique properties vs. common themes: the atypical cyanobacterium Gloeobacter violaceus PCC 7421 is capable of state transitions and blue-light induced fluorescence quenching.

Plant and Cell Physiology 53: 528-542 (

Schreiber U, Klughammer C, Kolbowski J: Assessment of wavelength-dependent parameters of photosynthetic electron transport with a new type of multi-color PAM chlorophyll fluorometer.

Photosynthesis Research 113: 127-144 (