Downloads for PAM-2500

Software PamWin-4 V4.02m

PC software PamWin-4 V4.02m (Windows 10, 11) EXE-File (51.4 MB)

The latest generation of PamWin software was created for the new MULTI-COLOR-PAM-II unit, which enables time resolutions in the sub-microsecond range.
Note: From software version 3.20 on, the duration of saturation pulses/multiple turnover pulses (the “SP-Width” parameter) is adjusted in 10 ms increments. Earlier software versions use 100 ms increments. Therefore, check your SP-Width setting after installation of new PamWin-3 software.

How to view sample data
PDF-File (70 kB)
Sample data for PC software PamWin
ZIP-File (300 kB)

Manuals & Documentation

Instruction manual for PAM-2500
PDF-File (3.4 MB)

Manual for Mini-Quantum/Temp.-Sensor 2060-M and 2065-M, Arabidopsis Leaf Clip 2060-B, Fiberoptics Holder for Surfaces 2060-A
PDF-File (902 kB)

Manual for DUAL-BA Leaf Positioning Device
PDF-File (1 MB)

Flyer PAM-2500
PDF-File (1 MB)

PAM-2000/2100 (Predecessor Models)

Instruction manual for PAM-2100
PDF-File (1.3 MB)

Instruction manual for PAM-2000
PDF-File (4.9 MB)

PC software PamWin V2.00f (Windows 10) EXE-File (5.8 MB)
PAM-2000 requires instrument (EPROM) software version 1.56!
VIEW mode without prior MEASURE mode requires copying files PamWin.RPT (+*.PWS) into C:\PamWin\Data

Software release note
PDF-File (600 kB)