PAM Application Notes (PAN)

Practical Assistance on How to Use our PAM Systems

The PAM Application Notes (PAN) is an electronic journal published by the Heinz Walz GmbH. The PAN has been launched in 2008 with the intention to provide special information on Walz PAM fluorescence measuring systems and, thus, to extend and complement the information presented in the reference manuals.

PAN articles differ in content and form from peer-reviewed research papers. While their main purpose is not the presentation of new scientific findings, relatively high demands on the scientific quality of the articles are made, which is ensured by the scientific staff of the Heinz Walz GmbH. In contrast to normal research papers, PAN articles do not raise any claims for priority, even in the case of new results. Walz would like to help users to make optimal use of PAM instruments, encouraging reproduction of measurements described in PAN. Contents of the PAN can be used in teaching and research without violating the copyright.

A major objective of PAN is the description of newly developed instrumentation, with demonstration of its potential (see e.g. PAN (2008) 1: 1 - 10). Other articles outline the theoretical background for evaluation of fluorescence or absorbance data (e.g. PAN (2008) 1: 11 - 14), or highlight the performance of PAM instruments by reproducing classical experiments (e.g. PAN (2008) 1: 21 - 24).

The publication of PAN articles does not follow a fixed time schedule but new articles are published on demand, that is, in response to frequently asked questions by customers or when new products have been developed.