PhytoWin-3 Software

PHYTO-PAM-II Operation Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

PhytoWin-3 Software for the operation of  PHYTO-PAM-II instruments runs on Windows PCs. It features nine windows for analysis and display of measured and calculated data, as well as a script file function for the automation of experimental protocols.

Channels: Original, raw luorescence data at 5 different excitation wavelengths

Settings: Window where the user can set several parameters, like measuring pulse frequency, actinic intensity, saturation pulse width and intensity, clock interval, number of averages, etc.

Algae: Deconvoluted fluorescence data for cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms/dinoflagellates and phycoerythrin-containing organisms (e.g. cryptophytes) based on previously recorded reference excitation spectra; user interface for Chl determination

Light Curve: Graphic display of light response curves; effective quantum yield and relative electron transport rate (ETR) as a function of PAR, Curve fitting on the basis of a modified Eilers & Peeters model (1988) or Platt (1980)

Slow Kinetics: Graphic display of slow kinetics recorded in the SP-Analysis mode

Report: Shows all the measured data and instrument settings that are stored, can be edited by the user and the associated file can be imported by other programs

Reference: Recording and display of reference excitation spectra of cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms/dinoflagellates and phycoerythrin-containing organisms

Fluo Spec: Display of measuring light characteristics and non-normalized reference excitation spectra

Fast Kinetics: Control and graphical display of fast kinetics analysis providing information on the wavelength-dependent absorption cross-section of PS II, σII(λ)

Free software updates will keep your instrument always up-to date on latest developments.
PhytoWin-3 cannot be used for operation of first generation PHYTO-PAM instruments.