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Date: October 7, 2021

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Keywords: (Walz OR Waltz) Effeltrich.
Date: October 7, 2021.

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Selected Publications



Bellucci M, Marazzi F, Musatti A, Fornaroli R, Turolla A, Visigalli S, Bargna M, Bergna G, Canziani R, Mezzanotte V, Rollini M, Ficara E: Assessment of anammox, microalgae and white-rot fungi-based processes for the treatment of textile wastewater.

PLOS ONE 16: e0247452 (

Fu W, Chaiboonchoe A, Dohai B, Sultana M, Baffour K, Alzahmi A, Weston J, Al Khairy D, Daakour S, Jaiswal A, Nelson DR, Mystikou A, Brynjolfsson S, Salehi-Ashtiani K: GPCR genes as activators of surface colonization pathways in a model marine diatom.

iScience 23: 101424 (

Huang Z, Chen B, Zhang J, Yang C, Wang J, Song F, Li S: Absorption and speciation of arsenic by microalgae under arsenic-copper co-exposure.

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 213: 112024 (

Leung T: In-situ rapid monitoring of phytoplankton community to investigate role of iron during cyanobacterial dominance.

PhD-thesis Iowa State University 288651060

Leung T, Wilkinson GM, Swanner ED: Iron availability allows sustained cyanobacterial blooms: a dual-lake case study.

Inland Waters 11: 417-429 (

Lund-Hansen LC, Petersen CM, Haubjerg Søgaard D, Sorell BK: A comparison of decimeter scale variations of physical and photobiological parameters in a late winter first-year sea ice in Southwest Greenland.

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9: 60 (

Santos AA, Guedes DO, Barros MUG, Oliveira S, Pacheco ABF, Azevedo SMFO, Magalhães VF, Pestana CJ, Edwards C, Lawton LA, Capelo-Neto J: Effect of hydrogen peroxide on natural phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in a drinking water reservoir: mesocosm-scale study.

Water Research 197: 117069 (

Wang X, Balamurugan S, Liu S-F, Ji C-Y, Liu Y-H, Yang W-D, Jiang L, Li H-Y: Hydrolysis of organophosphorus by diatom purple acid phosphatase and sequential regulation of cell metabolism.

Journal of Experimental Botany 72: 2918-2932 (


Gleich SJ, Plough LV, Glibert PM: Photosynthetic efficiency and nutrient physiology of the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana at three growth temperatures.

Marine Biology 167: 124 (

Kralles ZT, Ikuma K, Dai N: Assessing disinfection byproduct risks for algal impacted surface waters and the effects of peracetic acid pre-oxidation.

Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 6: 2365-2381 (

Marazzi F, Bellucci M, Fantasia T, Ficara E, Mezzanotte V: Interactions between microalgae and bacteria in the treatment of wastewater from milk whey processing.

Water 12: 297 (

Salbitani G, Bolinesi F, Affuso M, Carraturo F, Mangoni O, Carfagna S: Rapid and positive effect of bicarbonate addition on growth and photosynthetic efficiency of the green microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana (Chlorophyta, Trebouxiophyceae).

Applied Sciences 10: 4515 (

Wang S, Yu J, Guo F, Pan G, Zhang L, Hu H, Lu Y, Dao G: Optimization of combined submerged macrophyte planting conditions for inhibiting algae by response surface methodology.

Water 12: 2093 (


Lin C-H, Glibert PM: Mixotrophy with multiple prey species measured with a multiwavelength-excitation PAM fluorometer: case study of Karlodinium veneficium.

Journal of Plankton Research 41: 46-62 (

Ma J, Wang P, Wang X, Paerl HW: Cyanobacteria in eutrophic waters benefit from rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Science of the Total Environment 691: 1144-1154 (

Valdivia N, Pardo LM, Macaya EC, Huovinen P, Gómez I: Different ecological mechanisms lead to similar grazer controls on the functioning of periphyton Antarctic and sub-Antarctic communities.

Progress in Oceanography 174: 7-16 (

Valdivia N, Pardo LM, Macaya EC, Huovinen P, Gómez I: Different ecological mechanisms lead to similar grazer controls on the functioning of periphyton Antarctic and sub-Antarctic communities.

Progress in Oceanography, in press (


Huovinen P, Ramírez J, Gómez I: Remote sensing of albedo-reducing snow algae and impurities in the Maritime Antarctica.

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 146: 507-517 (

Lin M: Harmful algae in Chesapeake Bay: A study focused on Karlodinium veneficum applying time series, physiological, and modeling approaches.

PhD-thesis, University of Maryland, USA (



Izagirre O, Serra A, Guasch H and Elosegi: Effects of sediment deposition on periphytic biomass, photosynthetic activity and algal community structure.

Science of The Total Environment 407: 5694-5700 (


Schmitt-Jansen M and Altenburger R: Community-level microalgal toxicity assessment by multiwavelength-excitation PAM fluorometry.

Aquatic Toxicology 86: 49-58 (


Kruskopf M and Flynn KJ: Chlorophyll content and fluorescence responses cannot be used to gauge reliably phytoplankton biomass, nutrient status or growth rate.

New Phytologist 169: 525-536 (


Jakob T, Schreiber U, Kirschesch V, Langner U and Wilhelm C: Estimation of chlorophyll content and daily primary production of the major algal groups by means of multiwavelength-excitation PAM chlorophyll fluorometry: performance and methodological limits.

Photosynthesis Research 83: 343-361 (


Van Der Grinten E, Janssen M, Simis GH, Barranguet C and Admiraal W: Phosphate regime structures species composition in cultured phototrophic biofilms.

Freshwater Biology 49: 1-13 (http://www3.interscience...)


Lürling M, Verschoor AM: Fo-spectra of chlorophyll fluorescence for the determination of zooplankton grazing.

Hydrobiologia 491: 145-157 (


Körner S and Nicklisch A: Allelopathic growth inhibition of selected phytoplankton species by submerged macrophytes.

J Phycol 38: 862-871 (http://www3.interscience...)

Schreiber U, Gademann R, Bird P, Ralph PJ, Larkum AWD and Kuehl M: Apparent light requirement for activation of photosynthesis upon rehydration of desiccated beachrock microbial mats.

( .pdf)


Nicklisch A and Köhler J: Estimation of primary production with Phyto-PAM-fluorometry.

Ann Report Inst Freshw Ecol Inland Fish Berlin 13: 47-60


Campbell D, Hurry V, Clarke AK, Gustafsson P and Öquist G: Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of cyanobacterial photosynthesis and acclimation.

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews, 62, 667-683 (

Schreiber U: Chlorophyll fluorescence: New instruments for special applications

Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and Effects (Garab G. ed) Vol. V, pp. 4253-4258 (CHLORO.pdf)


Kolbowski J and Schreiber U: Computer-controlled phytoplankton analyzer based on 4-wavelengths PAM chlorophyll fluorometer.

Photosynthesis: From Light to Biosphere.(Mathis P. ed.), Vol. V, pp. 825-828