Accessories for WATER-PAM-II

Flow-Through Cuvette WATER-II/FT

Cuvette holder made from black polyoxymethylene polymer (POM) with in-/out water tubing connectors. This cuvette can be easily mounted into the optical pathway of WATER-PAM-II instruments.

Tripod Holder for WATER-PAM-II WATER-II/H

WATER-PAM-II holder with 3/8 inch thread for tripod applications. Including a 6-fold cuvette rack and resting option for the stirrer

Barcode Scanner BCS-9590

The Barcode Scanner is the ideal add-on when many different samples are separately probed. Simply mark your samples by barcodes. Then, the BCS-9590 scanner writes for each saturation pulse analysis the sample ID into the memory of WATER-PAM-II or the report data in WinControl-3. The barcode scanner is connected to the COMP port of the WATER-PAM-II.

Controllable Stirring Device WATER-II/S

Instrument operated stirring device. Equipped with disposable perspex stirring paddles. The part is shipped with a set (10 pieces) of Stirring Paddles WATER-R.

Stirring Paddles WATER-R

Spare stirring paddles (10 pieces) for the Controllable Stirring Device WATER-II/S. With the WATER-II/S one set stirring Paddles WATER-R is delivered.

Quartz Glass Cuvette WATER-K

Round Quartz Glass Cuvette with 15 mm diameter for highly sensitive measurements of very dilute samples.


Set of 5 standard glass cuvettes with low background noise for measurements of samples with medium algae concentrations. Not compatible with Flow-Through Cuvette PHYTO-II/FT.