3010-GWK1 & LED-Panel RGBW-L084

Gas-Exchange Chamber and Illumination Unit

The LED-Panel RGBW-L084 is designed with a densely packed array of high-power color LEDs that facilitates measurements under a variety of illumination options. The colors, Red, Green, Blue, and White can be adjusted independently with a maximum output (all colors together) of 2000 μmol m-2 s-1 PAR or better.

The LED-Panel RGBW-L084 fits perfectly on top of Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1 with an illuminated area of 14 cm x 12 cm. At the side it provides an additional socket for the connection of a PAR sensor. The LED-Panel RGBW can be operated via the GFS-Win software in combination with a 3010-GWK1, GFS-3000 or stand-alone using the Interface 3010-I/Box.