GFS-3000: LED-Light Source 3041-L

The light source was designed for extremely homogenous illumination of the leaf area. The deviation from the mean value is at most ±7% over 90% of the area. It can illuminate up to 10 cm².

The light control can either be set to a constant PAR level ranging from 0 up to 3000 µmol m-2 s-1 or to track the ambient PAR.

The warm white LEDs provide a peak of blue light at 457 nm (16% between 400 and 500 nm) and the rest between 500 and 700 nm peaking at 625 nm.

The LED-Light Source 3041-L is only included in the system package GFS-3000; in the system package GFS-3000FL it is replaced by the LED-Array/PAM-Fluorometer 3057-FL.