GFS-3000: Standard Measuring Head 3010-S

The design of the 3010-S offers maximum flexibility. The measuring area can be adapted with special plates; the cuvette can be modified for conifers, lichens, Arabidopsis plants or specific requirements.

General Features

The Standard Measuring Head 3010-S features a clamp-on cuvette with a large measuring area of up to 10 cm2 and a convenient closing mechanism. The symmetrical construction allows separate assessment of upper and lower leaf surface.

3010-S provides wide temperature-, light- and ventilation-control as well as a trigger button for the manual start of a user program.


The configuration of 3010-S can be changed easily requiring only a few accessories. The measuring area can easily be modified with area adapter plates. Additional flexibility is provided by various cuvettes e.g. for conifers or lichens/ mosses or a small chamber for the analysis of the complete above‐ground part of Arabidopsis plants.

The circuitry for the temperature and light control, the ventilation system and the sensor electronics are located in a detachable electronics box and can be used for self‐built measuring chambers.


The 3010-S has four temperature sensors: One Pt100 sensor per each cuvette half, a thermocouple for leaf temperature and a Pt100 for the external temperature.
The temperature control can be switched between three modes: Constant cuvette temperature, constant leaf temperature, or temperature variation parallel to ambient temperature regime with an adjustable offset. The last mode is especially well suited to assess plant responses in future temperature regimes.

Due to the high performance elements of temperature control, the cuvette temperature can be decreased by up to 10 K. Maximum temperature reached is 50 °C.


Both sides of the 3010-S feature a high-speed impeller for effective ventilation of the air surrounding the leaf.

Ease of Interchangeability

Each measuring head contains its own calibration data, and can be freely exchanged between systems.


The 3010-S has three sensors for photosynthetic active radiation (PAR): One cosine corrected Mini Quantum Sensor MQS-B/GFS, located on top of the measuring head, and two additional sensors located inside each cuvette half. Light can be provided with the LED Light Source 3041-L to the upper or lower side of the cuvette. The light control can be either set to a constant PAR level from 0 up to ca. 3000 μmol m-2 s-1 or to track the ambient PAR.

Additional PAM measurement-options are supplied by the LED-Array/PAM-Fluorometer 3057-FL.

Data Storage

The trigger-button serves to store measuring points or starts a user program, while holding the measuring head.