Operation & GFS-Win Software

The GFS-3000 can be controlled via the integrated panel-PC or an USB connected external-PC, featuring the same user-friendly GFS-Win software.
The integrated panel-PC features a large color display (10 cm x 13 cm) with touch screen and background illumination, which is clearly readable in direct sunlight.

Beginners are able to operate the GFS-Win software with minimal training. The well thought-out software structure allows comfortable adjustment of measuring conditions as well as demonstrative data display.

Users are guided with illustrated tutorials in more sophisticated procedures e.g. calibrations. The control of the instrument from an external PC allows descriptive demonstrations of on-time experiments in classes or lectures.

Settings window: serves to enter measuring conditions.
Chart window: each magnitude can be displayed, the mouse curser indicates the given measured value.
Values window: shows all current values, and stability.
Report window: displays the stored values and recalculates data with a new leaf area or weight.
Program window: easy programming of user-defined protocols, e.g. CO2-curves or light-curves.
Quickview column: always visible for user defined display of present values.

Free software updates will keep your instrument always up-to date on latest developments.