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KF-18/2B & KF-24/6B

Cold Traps: Humidity Control in Gas Streams

Cold traps control the humidity in a gas stream. For this purpose, the gas stream is directed through the cold trap and cooled down to the set temperature. If the dewpoint of the inflowing gas is above the set temperature value, the excessive water vapor condenses and the outstreaming gas has a defined dewpoint, corresponding to the set temperature value. If required, the gas may be humidified prior to streaming into the cold trap.

The cooling inside the cold trap is performed with Peltier coolers regulated by a temperature controller. The condensate accumulates in a hose and may be let off from time to time.

General Features KF-18/2B and KF-24/6B

Due to its powerful Peltier coolers, the cold traps may achieve temperature differences of more than 30 K, with respect to ambient temperature.

The Cold Trap KF-24/6B may be operated with a liquid cooling cycle for even larger temperature gradients. Additionally to the large range, the dewpoint setting is very accurate (0.1 °C).

Cold Traps have one gas path. The functional difference between the versions lies in the maximal flow rate. Cold Trap KF-18/2B has a maximal flow rate of 6 l/min, and Cold Trap KF-24/6B a maximal flow rate of 25 l/min.

If lower temperature gradients are required, slightly higher flow rates can be used. In return, if lower flow rates are used, higher temperature gradients may be achieved.

Temperature dependence of vapor pressure above water.