Specifications of the MC-MQS/OVV Microscopy Quantum Sensor


Design of sensor: Microscopy quantum sensor for PPFD (photosynthetical photon flux density) measurement.

Sensor housing: Black anodized aluminum housing

Diffuser material: resin with fluorescence dye

Signal detection: High stability silicon photovoltaic. Signal output typically 1.5 μA / (1000 μmol m-2 s-1)

Temperature coefficient of photodiode: 0.01 %/K

Absolute calibration: ± 5 %

Operating temperature: 0 °C … + 40 °C

Cable length: 55 cm

Connector: BNC

Power supply: Not required

Size: Height: 5.5 mm; Length: 76 mm; Width: 26 mm;  Diffuser diameter: 0.2 mm

Weight: 36 g