Applications for the ULM-500

Stand-alone Light Measurement

The ULM-500 can continuously measure values triggered by an internal timer. For this purpose no additional computer is necessary.
To save battery power, the instrument has a "sleep mode", i.e. it only wakes up briefly for each measurement.

Using the ULM-500 for a continuous measurement (e.g. one data point every 5 min), the batteries would last for at least 3-4 months (depending on the temperature conditions).

Combination with PAM Instruments

For some of our PAM instruments, we provide sensors for the light-list calibration or for light and temperature measurements during an experiment. If just these sensors shall be used, it can be advantageously to have a small separate instrument like the Universal Light Meter ULM-500 to readout these sensors independently of a PAM.

In combination with the IMAGING-PAM system the ULM-500 can be used for calibration purposes and the recording of the incident light during the experiment. Additionally the ULM-500 is fast enough to determine the intensity of the saturating light pulses.

Attenuation Index

Since the ULM has two BNC connectors that can be used for parallel data acquisition, it is also possible to use the instrument for a continuous calculation of an attenuation index by using two identical PAR sensors above and below a sample. Another option is the comparison of the characteristics of two different sensors (for example PAR and photometric sensors).