Specifications for ULM-500

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Design: Light grey plastic housing with connectors, membrane keyboard and a white illuminated LCD graphic display

Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 210 g (including 4 AAA 1.5 V batteries)

Power supply: 4 AAA-type batteries or 5 V DC from USB voltage source when connected to the computer

Working conditions: up to 85 % rH (avoid condensation), - 20° to + 50°C ambient temperature

Time resolution: PAR channel #1: 100 samples / second, PAR channel #2 and other channels: 5 samples / second (connected to computer running WinControl-3 software)

Operation time: 10 days or ca. 100 days automated logging with sleep mode (1 meas. / 5 min). Unlimited working time via USB connection (PC-software WinControl-3 – no sleep mode)

  Two BNC-connectors for the connection of two PAR-sensors with individual calibration factors between -50.0 and -9999.9 (memory for 10 calibration factors), range switchable in 5 steps 250 nA to 0.6 mA
  Connector for Monitoring Leaf-Clip JUNIOR-B; an adapter is available for the connection of the Leaf-Clip Holder 2030-B, and the Micro Quantum/Temp.-Sensor 2060-M
  Connector for additional digital sensors (still under development)
  USB-Connector for connection with computer (software: WinControl-3)

Memory: Flash memory used as ring buffer for 50000 lines (1 line / single measurement)

Display: White illuminated graphic display with 5 different display modes (1: all data; 2-4: two selected sensors in big letters; 5: chart mode for channel no. 1, with maximum, minimum and average indicated), resolution: 0.1 μmol m-2 s-1

Computer-controlled Operation: 1 free USB socket. Processor, 1 GHz. RAM, 256 MB. Hard disc space, 20 MB. Screen resolution: 800 x 600 pixels. Interface, USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 and 11.