WinControl-3 Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

WinControl-3 represents the latest version of the WinControl software family. Presently, WinControl-3 operates the Universal Light Meter ULM-500 and JUNIOR-PAM fluorometers as well as the MONITORING-PAM system, MINI-PAM-II and MICRO-PAM heads.

If the ULM-500 is controlled by this software, the computer can be used as continuing data acquisition unit powering the ULM-500, so that its internal batteries will not be used up.

WinControl-3 is capable of long-term data acquisition (up to several months) allowing the user to define different sampling frequencies. Experimental protocols can be performed automatically with programmable batch-files.

The WinControl-3 software can also be used to enter calibration factors and sensor names in the ULM-500. In addition, the predefined application settings for the field use can be changed conveniently.