Our online tutorials help you to get up and running fast with your new WALZ device. They also offer in-depth information about product specific capabilities.

First steps - IMAGING-PAM Maxi Version

The tutorial demonstrates the initial steps for using your new device. It begins with setting up the instrument and installing the latest version of ImagingWin software. The video then illustrates how to generate a 'Correction image' and activate your PAR list. Finally, the default user settings are explained.

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DUAL-PAM-100 and its software

The presentation wants to guide (potential) users of the DUAL-PAM-100 through the software written for this instrument. The goal is to make the viewer familiar with the different settings and application tabs. The DUAL-PAM-100 has quite a few Tabs but going systematically through these Tabs, it is easy to prepare the software for an experiment.

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Tutorial WinControl-3 for WATER-PAM-II

WinControl-3 allows operation of a variety of WALZ PAM instruments. This tutorial is a guide to software operation for WATER-PAM-II applications. From software installation to PAM-typical operating procedures and WATER-PAM-II specific tabs, the use of WinControl-3 is demonstrated.

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Tutorial about WinControl-3

In a first tutorial the principles of fluorescence measurements were explained. The present tutorial focuses on the structure and features of WinControl-3 software and on aspects of some of the major experimental applications of this software. WinControl-3 is used by the following instruments: MINI-PAM-II, DIVING-PAM-II, WATER-PAM-II, MONITORING-PAM, MICRO-PAM, MICROSCOPY-PAM and JUNIOR-PAM.

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P700 Tutorial - The basics

For the study of photosynthesis, non-invasive photosystem-I probing P700 measurements are not only a valuable tool in their own right but even more so in combination with fluorescence measurements. This tutorial, tries to give the viewer a basic understanding of the method, the tools used and some examples of applications of P700-measurements in photosynthesis research.

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Tutorial about fluorescence measurements with the Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer MINI-PAM-II

The tutorial shows the technical and practical aspects of fluorescence measurements with the MINI-PAM-II.

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