Universal Sample Holder DIVING-II-USH

The DIVING-II-USH sample holder is designed for the specific requirements of underwater investigations of samples like sea grass, macroalgae, and corals. The sample holder permits single-hand operation of the DIVING-PAM-II by triggering measurements via a release button integrated in the handhold. A special mount positions the Miniature Spectrometer MINI-SPEC parallel to the sample level. The robust trigger and spectrometer cables as well as the fiberoptics are bundled by a nylon-mesh-cover so that harmful bending of the fiberoptics can be largely avoided.

Adapters for DIVING-II-USH

The broad range of applications of the DIVING-II-USH sample holder includes measurements using ambient light or light derived from the internal DIVING-PAM-II light source.
Further, the underwater clips for dark-acclimation (DIVING-MLC and DIVING-LC) can be readily connected to the fiber optics alone or held by the DIVING-II-USH holder.

Surface Holder DIVING-SH

The DIVING-SH accessory has a central port to accommodate the DIVING-PAM-II fiberoptics. For long-term measurements of bulky objects, the DIVING-SH can be attached to the sample by three rubber bands equipped with end hooks.

Underwater Cables DIVING-K25/-K50

For remote-control of the DIVING-PAM-II, reliably performing underwater cables either 25 m (DIVING-II/K25) or 50 m (DIVING-II/K50) long are available. The 50 m cable is supplied with the charger DIVING-II/L15 which delivers an increased voltage to efficiently charge the DIVING-PAM-II in the presence of the elevated resistance of the DIVING-II/K50.

Magnet Sample Holder DIVING-MLC

Clip for dark-acclimation of flat samples consisting of two magnetic parts. One part has a fiberoptics port which is closed by a flexible black rubber cap with a central slit. For measurements of dark-acclimated samples, the fiberoptics is pushed through the cap’s slit so that natural light does not arrive at the sample and the dark-acclimated state is maintained.