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Date: February 7, 2024

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Selected Publications for DIVING-PAM and DIVING-PAM-II


De Sant’anna Lopes AV, Gomes Neto LR, Dorighetto Cogo AJ, Pereira Cunha L, Frois Caldeira C, Oliveira G, Lemes Martins R, de Assis Esteves F, Buraslan Cavalcante A, Monteiro Duarte H, Zandonadi DB, Nunes da Fonseca R, Pupo Santos M: The resilience of the aquatic Isoëtes cangae to terrestrial environment: insights into molecular and ecophysiological adaptations.

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Gantt SE, Keister EF, Manfroy AA, Merck DE, Fitt WK, Muller EM, Kemp DW: Wild and nursery-raised corals: comparative physiology of two framework coral species.

Coral Reefs 42: 299-310 (

Gong S, Li G, Liang J, Xu L, Tan Y, Jin X, Xia X, Yu K: Day-night cycle as a key environmental factor affecting coral-Symbiodininaceae symbiosis.

Ecological Indicators 146: 109890 (

Li Z, Sun Z, Zhang L, Zhan N, Lou C, Lian J: Investigation of water quality and aquatic ecological succession of a newly constructed river replenished by reclaimed water.

Heliyon 9: e17045 (

Prado LAS, Gripp AdR, Cogo AJD, Santos MP, da Rocha JG, Genovez JGF, Calderon EN, Martins RL, Cavalcante AB, Esteves FdA, Zandonadi DB: Environmental characterization of an Amazonian lake for Isoëtes cangae translocation.

Plant Ecology 224: 831-840 (


Bell LE, Gómez JB, Donham E, Steller DL, Gabrielson PW, Kroeker KJ: High-latitude calcified coralline algae exhibit seasonal vulnerability to acidification despite physical proximity to non-calcified alga.

Climate Change Ecology 3: 100049 (

Del Rosal Y, Muñoz-Fernández J, Celis-Plá PSM, Hernández-Mariné M, Álvarez-Gómez F, Merino S, Figueroa F: Monitoring photosynthetic activity using in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence in microalgae and cyanobacteria biofilms in the Nerja Cave (Malaga, Spain).

International Journal of Speleology 51: 29-42 (

Indergard MO, Bellantuono A, Rodriguez-Lanetty M, Heng F, Gilg MR: Acclimation to elevated temperatures in Acropora cervicornis: effects of host genotype and symbiont shuffling.

Marine Ecology Progress Series 701: 41-65 (

Léger-Daigle R, Noisette F, Bélanger S, Cusson M, Nozais C: Photoacclimation and light thresholds for cold temperate seagrasses.

Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 805065 (

Legrand E, Parsons AE, Escobar-Lux RH, Freytet F, Agnalt A-L, Samuelsen OB, Husa V: Effect of sea lice chemotherapeutant hydrogen peroxide on the photosynthetic characteristics and bleaching of the coralline alga Lithothamnion soriferum.

Aquatic Toxicology 247: 106173 (

Ma X, Li Y, Yu W, Wang J, Liu C: Clonal integration affects growth and sediment properties of the first ramet generation, but not later ramet generations under severe light stress.

Journal of Plant Ecology 15: 1080-1090 (

Wang J, Wu S, Yang Q, Gu Y, Wang P, Li Z, Li L: Performance and mechanism of the in-situ restoration effect on VHCs in the polluted river water based on the orthogonal experiment: photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics and microbial community analysis.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29: 43004-43018 (

Weeriyanun P, Collins RB, Macadam A, Kiff H, Randle JL, Quigley KM: Predicting selection-response gradients of heat tolerance in a widespread reef-building coral.

Journal of Experimental Biology 225: jeb243344 (

Wei Z, Zhang Y, Yang F, Long L: Diurnal fluctuations in seawater pCO2 amplify the negative effects of ocean acidification on the biotic performance of the calcifying macroalga Halimeda opuntia.

Frontiers in Marine Sciences 9: 968740 (

Wu T, Xia L, Zhuang M, Pan J, Liu J, Dai W, Zhao Z, Zhang M, Shen X, Zhang J, Qin Y: Effects of global warming on the growth and proliferation of attached Sargassum horneri in the aquaculture area near Gouqi Island, China.

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 11: 9 (


Dilworth J, Caruso C, Kahkejian VA, Baker AC, Drury C: Host genotype and stable differences in algal symbiont communities explain patterns of thermal stress response of Montipora capitata following thermal pre-exposure and across multiple bleaching events.

bioRxiv (

Katona L, Vadeboncoeur Y, Nietch CT, Hossler K: A novel thin-film technique to improve accuracy of fluorescence-based estimates for periphytic biofilms.

Water 13: 1464 (

Martin N, Bernat T, Dinasquet J, Stoftko A, Damon A, Deheyn DD, Azam F, Smith JE, Davey MP, Smith AG, Vignolini S, Wangpraseurt D: Synthetic algal-bacteria consortia for space-efficient microalgal growth in a simple hydrogel system.

bioRxiv (

Park SR, Moon K, Kim SH, Lee K-S: Growth and photoacclimation strategies of three Zostera species along a vertical gradient: implications for seagrass zonation patterns.

Science of the Total Environment 769: 144443 (

Pokrzywinski K, Bishop W, Grasso C, Volk K, Getsinger K: Chemical management strategies for starry stonewort: a mesocosm study.

Engineer Research and Development Center EL TR-21-10

Wang J, Wang Q, Hu J, Yu H, Liu C, Yu D: The influence of small-scale resource heterogeneity caused by human activities on the growth phenotype of invasive aquatic plants.

Ecological Indicators 125: 107504 (

Wei Z, Zhang Y, Yang F, Liang J, Long L: Increased light availability modulates carbon and nitrogen accumulation in the macroalga Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis (Rhodophyta) om response to ocean acidification.

Environmental and Experimental Botany 187: 104492 (

Yong CLX, Poquita-Du RC, Huang D, Todd PA: Emersion-associated responses of an intertidal coral and its suitability for transplantation to ecologically engineer seawalls.

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9: 1096 (

Zhang X, Yu H, Yu H, Liu C, Fan S, Yu D: Highly competitive native aquatic species could suppress the growth of invasive aquatic species with similar traits.

Biological Invasions 23: 267–280 (


Luyckx A: Influence of experimental in situ shading on Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile biology.

PhD thesis Université catholique de Louvain (

Wijgerde T, van Ballegooijen M, Nijland R, van der Loos L, Kwadijk C, Osinga R, Murk A, Slijkerman D: Adding insult to injury: effects of chronic oxybenzone exposure and elevated temperature on two reef-building corals.

Science of the Total Environment 733: 139030 (


Hillyer KE, Dias D, Lutz A, Roessner U, Davy SK: 13C metabolomics reveals widespread change in carbon fate during coral bleaching.

Metabolomics 14: 12 (

McMinn A, Lee S: Use of glucose biosensors to measure extracellular glucose exudation by intertidal microphytobenthos in southern Tasmania.

Journal of Phycology 54: 410-418 (

Porzio L, Buia MC, Ferretti V, Lorenti M, Rossi M, Trifuoggi M, Vergara A, Arena C: Photosynthesis and mineralogy of Jania rubens at low pH/high pCO2: a future perspective.

Science of the Total Environment 628-629: 375-383 (


Blommaert L, Huysman MJJ, Vyverman W, Lavaud J, Sabbe K: Contrasting NPQ dynamics and xanthophyll cycling in motile and a non-motile intertidal benthic diatom.

Limnology and Oceanography 62: 1466-1479 (

Dimond JL, Orechovesky S, Oppenheimer J, Rodrígruez-Ramos J, Bingham BL: Photophysiology and hydrogen peroxide generation of the dinoflagellate and chlorophyte symbionts of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima.

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 489: 43-47 (

Fine M, Tsadok R, Meron D, Cohen S, Milazzo M: Environmental sensitivity of Neogoniolithon brassica-florida associated with vermetid reefs in the Mediterranean Sea.

ICES Journal of Marine Science 74: 1074-1082 (

Hillyer KE, Dias DA, Lutz A, Wilkinson SP, Roessner U, Davy SK: Metabolite profiling of symbiont and host during thermal stress and bleaching in the coral Acropora aspera.

Coral Reefs 36: 105-118 (

Kohlmeier D, Pilditch CA, Bornman JF, Bischof K: Adjustment of photoprotection to tidal conditions in intertidal seagrasses.

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Kumar A, AbdElgawad H, Castellano I, Lorenti M, Dellodonne M, Beemster GTS, Asard H, Buia MC, Palumbo A: Physiological and biochemical analyses shed light on the response of Sargassum vulgare to ocean acidification at different time scales.

Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 570 (


Chauka LJ, Steinert G, Mtolera MSP: Influence of local environmental conditions and bleaching histories on the diversity and distribution of Symbiodinium in reef-building corals in Tanzania.

African Journal of Marine Science 38: 57-64 (

Dao LHT, Beardall J: Effects of lead on two green microalgae Chlorella and Scenedesmus: photosystem II activity and heterogeneity.

Algal Research 16: 150-159 (

Kavousi J, Parkinson JE, Nakamura T: Combined ocean acidification and low temperature stressors cause coral mortality.

Coral Reefs 35: 903–907 (

Rosa IC, Rocha RJM, Lopes A, Cruz ICS, Calado R, Bandarra N, Kikuchi RK, Soares AMVM, Serôdio J, Rosa R: Impact of air exposure on the photobiology and biochemical profile of an aggressive intertidal competitor, the zoanthid Palythoa caribaeorum.

Marine Biology 163: 222 (

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Molecular Ecology 25: 1308–1323 (


Browne NK, Tay JKL, Low J, Larson O, Todd PA: Fluctuations in coral health of four common inshore reef corals in response to seasonal and anthropogenic changes in water quality.

Marine Environmental Research 105: 39-52 (

Celis-Plá PSM, Hall-Spencer JM, Horta PA, Milazzo M, Korbee N, Cornwall CE, Figueroa FL: Macroalgal responses to ocean acidification depend on nutrient and light levels.

Frontiers in Marine Science 2: 26 (

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Marine Ecology Progress Series 533: 149–161 (


Kemp DW, Hernandez-Pech X, Iglesias-Prieto R, Fitt WK, Schmidt GW: Community dynamics and physiology of Symbiodinium spp. before, during, and after a coral bleaching event.

Limnology and Oceanography 59: 788–797 (

Yaakub SM, Chen E, Bouma TJ, Erftemeijer PLA, Todd PA: Chronic light reduction reduces overall resilience to additional shading stress in the seagrass Halophila ovalis.

Marine Pollution Bulletin 83: 467-474 (


Cornwall CE, Hepburn CD, Pilditch CA, Hurd CL: Concentration boundary layers around complex assemblages of macroalgae: Implications for the effects of ocean acidification on understory coralline algae.

Limnology and Oceanography 58: 121–130 (

Ocampo-Alvarez H, García-Mendoza E, Govindjee: Antagonist effect between violaxanthin and de-epoxidated pigments in nonphotochemical quenching induction in the qE deficient brown alga Macrocystis pyrifera.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics 1827: 427-437 (


Bouzon ZL, Ferreira EC, dos Santos R, Scherner F, Horta PA, Maraschin M, Schmidt ÉC: Influences of cadmium on fine structure and metabolism of Hypnea musciformis (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) cultivated in vitro.

Protoplasma 249: 637–650 (

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Coral Reefs 30: 763–774 (


Choi T-S, Kang E-J, Kim J-H, Kim K-Y: Effect of salinity on growth and nutrient uptake of Ulva pertusa (Chlorophyta) from an eelgrass bed.

ALGAE 25: 17-26 (

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Aquatic Botany 92: 119-128 (


Davoult D, Migné A, Créach A, Gévaert F, Hubas C, Spilmont N, Boucher G: Spatio-temporal variability of intertidal benthic primary production and respiration in the western part of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay (Western English Channel, France).

Hydrobiologia 620: 163-172 ( .pdf)

Evertsen J, Johnsen G: Seagrass photosynthesis controls rates of calcification and photosynthesis of calcareous macroalgae in a tropical seagrass meadow.

Marine Biology 156: 847–859 (

Figueroa FL, Korbee N, Carrillo P, Medina-Sánchez JM, Mata M, Bonomi J, Sánchez-Castillo PM: The effects of UV radiation on photosynthesis estimated as chlorophyll fluorescence in Zygnemopsis decussata (Chlorophyta) growing in a high mountain lake (Sierra Nevada, Southern Spain).

Journal of Limnology 68: 206-216 ( .pdf)

Roleda M, Campana GL, Wiencke C, Hanelt D, Quartino ML, Wulff A: Sensitivity of Antarctic Urospora penicilliformis (Ulotrichales, Chlorophyta) to ultraviolet radiation is life-stage dependent.

Journal of Phycology 45: 600 - 609 ( .pdf)

Semesi IS, Beer S, Björk M: Seagrass photosynthesis controls rates of calcification and photosynthesis of calcareous macroalgae in a tropical seagrass meadow.

Marine Ecology Progress Series 382: 41-47 (


Ekelund NGA, Nygård CA, Nordström R, Gylle AM: In situ study of relative electron transport rates in the marine macroalga Fucus vesiculosus in the Baltic Sea at different depths and times of year.

Journal of Applied Phycology 20: 751-756 ( .pdf)

Hancke K, Hancke TB, Olsen LM, Johnsen G, Glud RN: Temperature effects on microalgal photosynthesis - light responses measured by O2 production, pulse-amplitude-modulated fluorescence, and 14C assimilation.

Journal of Phycology 44: 501–514 ( .pdf)

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Journal of Phycology 44: 803–813 ( .pdf)

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Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 351: 10–26 (http://seacamel.livingoceans .pdf

Migné A, Gévaert F, Créach A, Spilmont N, Chevalier E, Davoult D: Photosynthetic activity of intertidal microphytobenthic communities during emersion: in situ measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence (PAM) and CO2 flux (IRGA).

Journal of Phycology 43: 864–873 (


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Marine Ecology 27: 388–396 (http://mediterranean. .pdf


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Marine Ecology Progress Series 27: 301–311 ( .pdf)


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Plant Cell and Environment 24: 89-99 (

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Marine Ecology Progress Series 223: 1-14 ( .pdf)

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Marine Ecology Progress Series 223: 101–112 ( .pdf)

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Marine Ecology Progress Series 220: 163–168 ( .pdf)

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