ImagingWin Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

The IMAGING-PAM M-Series GigE instruments are fully controlled by the ImagingWinGigE software. When started, the ImagingWinGigE software opens with the image window that occupies most of the user surface showing the Ft value as starting parameter.

Values are represented in a false color scale ranging from black (0.0) to white (1.0) with red, orange yellow, blue and violet to purple in between. At first a standard AOI (area of interest) is already present after the start of the software. Different shapes and up to 100 AOIs can be defined. AOIs` positions can be moved by the new Edit function.

The customer can chose between 18 different parameters (Ft, Fo, Fm, F, Fm’, Fv/Fm, Y(II), Y(NPQ), Y(NO), PS/50, Abs, Red, NIR, NPQ/4, qN, qP, qL, Inh.) that could be displayed in the image window in different color modes. In this tab the alteration of the parameters can be observed in real-time during the experiment.

The kinetics window shows various parameter values for some or all AOIs of the currently chosen experiment plotted versus time. It serves for the evaluation of dynamic dark / light phenomena (Kautsky curve or Induction curve).

Some of the possible experiments are already preset in this and the following light curve window so that also the beginner finds an easy starting point for his first experiments. For advanced users it is also possible to program script files with more complex structure.

Easy light calibration using the ULM-500 Light Meter & Logger. ImagingWinGigE in communication with the ULM-500 provides an automated light calibration routine to generate a calibrated internal light list and furthermore offers to follow an external illumination.

Some new features can be provided solely for the ImagingWinGigE software, not for the ImagingWin software suitable for FireWire camera versions of the IMAGING-PAM M-Series.