The MAXI version of the IMAGING-PAM M-Series employs a very compact and powerful 300 W LED array for the homogeneous illumination of 10 x 13 cm areas (microtiter plates) with pulse-modulated excitation, actinic light and saturation pulses.

Two different CCD-cameras are available. For high sensitivity applications the IMAG-K6 (2/3" chip, 1392 x 1040 pixels with 4-pixel-binning) is recommended. For standard applications the IMAG-K7 (1/2" chip, 640 x 480 pixel) is available, which can be used in conjunction with the powerful K7-MAX/Z zoom objective (F1.0/f=8-48mm). So the system features an imaged area from 10 x 13 cm stageless down to 13 x 22 mm at constant resolution.

A special mounting stand with eye protection is recommended for most applications (IMAG-MAX/GS), which features a red Perspex hood, through which the red chlorophyll fluorescence can be observed. On the bottom of the Mounting Stand IMAG-MAX/GS an x-y stage for variable sample positioning or a multiwell plate can be placed at defined working distance of 18.5 cm.

The bottom plate can be removed so that the whole stand can be jacked up (legs provided) for imaging of plants growing on trays or in pots – additionally the combination with the large gas exchange cuvette 3010-GWK1 for the GFS-3000 is possible using optional adapter sets.


Configurations of the MAXI Version

Multi Control Unit

  • IMAG-CG Multi Control Unit to connect Measuring Head and GigE –Vision® CCD camera as M-Series IMAGING-PAM MAXI, MINI and MICROSCOPY version including ImagingWin GigE Software.

Measuring Head

  • IMAG-MAX/L (blue measuring light version, 450 nm, standard applications) extendable with optional filter plate
  • IMAG-MAX/F for samples with reflective properties.
  • IMAG-MAX/LR (red measuring light version, 650 nm, e.g. for cyanobacteria) special filter plate already included

CCD Camera and Lenses

  • IMAG-K7 (1/2" chip, 640 x 480 pixel) with K7-MAX/Z zoom objective (F1.0/8-48 mm) or K7-MAX/S prime objective (F1.2/12 mm)
  • IMAG-K6 increased NIR sensitivity (2/3" chip, primary resolution 1392 x 1040 pixels running with 2x2 px binning) with K6-MAX/S prime objective (F1.4/12.5 mm)

Camera Mounting Set

  • all cameras need a mounting set K7-MAX/M or K6-MAX/M to be mountable on the illumination unit.


  • IMAG-MAX/GS Mounting Stand with Eye Protection, protects the eyes and allows direct observation of the red chlorophyll fluorescence
  • IMAG-MAX/B Leaf Distance Holder for experiments under ambient light and fixed working distance of 18.5 cm
  • ST-101 Laboratory stand with wooden baseplate for the work with the open measuring head MAXI or MINI imaging head
  • IMAG-MAX/HF the fruit adapter helps to keep fruit like apple or capsicum in place for the PAM experiment


  • IMAG-PC a brand notebook PC


  • IMAG-MAX/F filter plate in conjunction with IMAG-MAX/L for samples with mirror-surface properties. A filter plate is factory provided in conjunction with IMAG-MAX/LR.

System Combination

  • IMAG-MAX/GWK1 Adapter for Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1 with Eye Protection – only compatible with MAXI imaging version.