The MICROSCOPY version of the IMAGING-PAM M-Series features imaging analysis on single cell level. Providing highes sensitivity in conjunction with a modified Axioscope 5 (Zeiss, Göttingen) epifluorescence microscopes and the IMAG-K6 CCD Camera (2/3" chip with 1392 x 1040 pixels primary resolution and 4-pixel-binning).

The ImagingWin software takes account of the particular needs of microscopy applications. A life video image of the object can be obtained using the standard through-light condenser-illuminator of the microscope. A special saturation pulse routine is provided for optimal assessment of Fo, Fm and Fv/Fm at low levels of excitation intensity.

For standard applications a single high power Luxeon LED (470 nm or 625 nm) is provided for excitation, actinic illumination and saturation pulses . Alternatively a sophisticated Red-Green-Blue-Microscopy LED Lamp is available allowing differentiating between various groups of algae (including cyanobacteria) in biofilms, in analogy to the PHYTO-PAM.

With our Universal Light Meter ULM-500 internal light list calibration becomes easy. Just plug in the ULM, place the light sensor MC-MQS-OVV in the focal plane and start the calibration procedure.

Configurations of the MICROSCOPY Version

Multi Control Unit

  • IMAG-CG Multi Control Unit to connect Measuring Head and GigE–Vision® CCD camera as M-Series IMAGING-PAM MAXI, MINI and MICROSCOPY version including ImagingWin GigE Software.

Measuring Head

  • IMAG-L470M Microscope LED Lamp Module 470 nm (blue) for fluorescence excitation of chlorophyll fluorescence
  • IMAG-L625M Microscope LED Lamp Module 625 nm (red-orange) for fluorescence excitation of chlorophyll fluorescence of most algae groups including PSII utilizing cyanobacteria
  • IMAG-RGB Red-Green-Blue Microscopy LED Lamp Module allowing computer-assisted deconvolution of major algae groups. Fluorescence excitation and actinic illumination using red (620 nm), green (520 nm), blue (460 nm) or white light (mixed 620, 520 and 460 nm).

CCD Camera

  • IMAG-K6 increased sensitivity (2/3" chip, primary resolution 1392 x 1040 pixels)


  • IMAG-AXIOSCOPE Axioscope 5 from Zeiss adapted for IMAGING-PAM applications. Detector filter RG665, dichroic mirror 420-640 nm, video adapter 60N-C 2/3" 0,5x and standard lens Zeiss Fluar 20x.


  • IMAG-PC a brand-name notebook PC


  • IMAG-AX-REF Reflector Module with Filter Set consisting of a beam splitter filter (420-640 nm) and a detector filter (665 nm), mounted in a Zeiss reflector module frame for convenient measurements using more than one LED Lamp Module.