The MOBILE version of the IMAGING-PAM has been specially developed for chlorophyll fluorescence imaging in the field. The measuring system shares features with the MINI Version of the IMAGING-PAM like moderate power consumption and an imaging area of 24 x 32 mm.

The MOBILE version of the IMAGING-PAM is particularly dedicated to the study of small plants, ground vegetation, and photosynthetic crusts. A newly developed dark acclimation box facilitates field measurements of the maximum photosynthetic quantum yield of photosystem II (FV/FM). Extension handle and trigger button of the measuring head gives the system excellent ergonomic properties.

High mobility in the field is achieved by mounting on a belly carrying tray the system’s sunlight-readable tablet computer and its control unit. The carrying system can easily be adapted to the user's individual physical dimensions.

For an example of application see the journal Precision Agriculture. The development of the MOBILE Version was supported by German government’s Special Purpose Fund held at Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank and the Federal Institution of Agriculture and Nutrition (BLE).

System Components of the MOBILE Version

Multi Control Unit

  • Multi Control Unit for GigE-Cameras with all cable connections located on one end of the housing.

Measuring Head

  • Highly sensitive IMAG-K6 camera with K6-MIN lens (F1.4/f=25 mm) mounted on an IMAG-MIN/B blue illumination unit which is equipped with a 35 cm long extension handle and trigger button.

Belly Carrying Tray

  • Tray carried by a pair of shoulder mounts and a hip belt. The tray holds the Multi Control Unit and the tablet computer. With retainer for transport of the measuring head.


  • Most current version of ImagingWinGigE software for Windows 10 computers and software updates.

Tablet Computer

  • Fully rugged tablet computer with 11.6-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen including spare batteries and external charger. With Windows 10 operating system and ImagingWinGigE Software preinstalled.

Dark Acclimation Boxes

  • Five boxes. Each on top with slider and docking site for the measuring head. At the bottom, aluminum frame with opening for the plant or area to be investigated.

Further Items

  • Battery Charger 2120-N for charging internal Li-ion battery and Transport Box.