Accessories for PAM-2500

Ultra Mobile Computer UMPC and Battery for Field Studies

Two add-ons convert the PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometer into a highly mobile field station, equipped with the options that a normal PC offers and working for hours independently of line current.

  • A touch-screen ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC; for instance Mobile Demand xTablet T8540) equipped with a high capacity battery. The UMPC is placed on top of the PAM-2500 fluorometer using a special metal box strapped to the fluorometer’s central unit.
  • An external battery (12 V, 2.1 Ah) for the PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometer. An automatic charger for this battery is available.

All parts required for long-term battery-powered operation of the PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometer fit into the PAM-2500 carrying bag which is supplied with the basic system.

Light and Temperature-sensing Leaf Clip 2030-B

Information on ambient light and temperature conditions is indispensable for field investigation. Therefore, we have devised the leaf-clip 2030-B which measures by a mini-quantum sensor the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) impinging on the leaf under investigation. In addition, the 2030-B leaf-clip records the leaf temperature with a NiCr-Ni thermocouple.

To facilitate studies under field conditions, fluorescence measurements can be triggered by pushing the control button of the leaf-clip holder 2030-B. A tripod (ST-2101A) is available for positioning of the leaf-clip 2030-B but also the mini quantum/temperature-sensor 2060-M or the Arabidopsis leaf clip 2060-B.

Fiberoptics Holder for Surfaces 2060-A

The holder positions the PAM-2500 fiberoptics on bulky samples. Combinable with the 2060-M Mini Quantum/Temp.-Sensor, to measure temperature and PAR reaching the surface area investigated.

2035-B/RLC Conversion Kit for 2030-B/2035-B Leaf Clips

The 2035-B/RLC kit shields the sample area of 2030-B/2035-B Leaf Clips from external light. The accessory has been designed for field experiments in which photosynthesis shall be driven exclusively by the fluorometer’s internal light source. The 2035-B/RLC kit is especially suitable for rapid light curve (RLC) experiments in outdoor studies.

Arabidopsis Leaf Clip 2060-B

Aluminum clip with small measuring area designed to position small leaves below the fiberoptics of the PAM-2500. When combined with the 2060-M Mini Quantum/Temp.-Sensor, PAR on sample level and temperature of the lower leaf side is recorded.

Fiberoptics Adapter 90º (2030-B90)

The fiberoptics adapter 90º can be attached to the leaf clips 2030-B and 2060-B to position the PAM-2500 fiberoptics at 90° angle relative to leaf plane.

Mini-Quantum/Temp.-Sensor 2060-M

Precise mini quantum and temperature sensors usable independently or in conjunction with the 2060-B Arabidopsis Leaf Clip or the 2060-A Fiberoptics Holder for Surfaces.

Leaf Clip DLC-8

The DLC-8 leaves clips permit dark-acclimation of small leaf areas in the field. The tip of the PAM-2500 fiber optics fits exactly in the DLC-8 port. With the fiber tip inserted, the sliding shutter of the DLC-8 can be opened so that F0 and FM level fluorescence can be measured without interference of ambient light.

Suspension Cuvette KS-2500

The suspension cuvette includes a 400 μl sample compartment made of stainless steel with PVC exterior. The cuvette is equipped with a 7 mm fiberoptics window adapter, an injection port for Hamilton syringes, and nozzles for connecting an external flow-through water-bath for temperature control.

Magnetic Stirrer with Fiberoptics Holder MKS-2500

The device is equipped with a specially modified stirrer plate to center and hold the KS-2500 suspension cuvette. The MKS-2500 stirrer comes with a Perspex base plate with stand bar for mounting fiberoptics on top of cuvette.

Leaf Positioning Device DUAL-BA

The DUAL-BA has been designed for high throughput leaf measurements. For fast sample change, a leaf is positioned in front of the fiberoptics by a spring steel sheet. The rectangular bended spring steel is fastened by a neodymium magnet located at the side of the fixture holding the fiberoptics end piece. The spring steel is moved in a guide slit. The DUAL-BA includes a stand with fiberoptics guide.

Battery Cable MINI-PAM/AK

The MINI-PAM/AK cable permits powering the PAM-2500 by an external 12 V battery. The cable has a built-in fuse which protects the electronics from high current flows.